Week 4 in the MTC!

Elder Tavete

Elder Tavete

Saying goodbye to Masa Warner

Saying goodbye to Masa Warner

Bonjour tout le monde!!

Has this last week been crazy or what! My district kind of fell apart the last few days. Everyone in our district got sick! It was not fun. Sickness spreads like wildfire here. I just woke up this morning with a really bad sore throat and I can’t fall asleep at night because my nose is so runny! I’m still great and am just thankful I didn’t get as sick as some of the other people in my district. One elder in my district missed 4 days of classes because he was so sick and my companion got an ear infection after her cold started going away. This was kind of exciting because we got to go to the BYU pharmacy and pick up the medication for her ear infection. Which meant we got to escape spirit prison for an hour or so. Also one of my teachers was out of town so it was kind of crazy with classes trying to find enough french teachers to fill in to teach us. There is so many french districts now they are running out of teachers!! Everything should be back to normal this week.

Another exciting thing this week is I met Elder Tavete, the person my oldest brother Tyson baptized on his mission. It was really cool when I met him. I saw his name tag and asked him if he knew an Elder Hunt. His face just got this big smile on it and he said, “of course I know an Elder Hunt he baptized me!” (in his cool Australian accent) Believe it or not he was just on the floor above me the whole time learning Samoan, he left yesterday. It was so fun every time I saw him this week he would just say, “hello my sister.” He told me, “your brother changed my family’s life and I will forever be grateful for him.”

This last week I have learned sooo much new french grammar, I feel like my head is going to explode. We learned how to say things for passe compose, Imperfect past, subjunctive, and more new conjugations for verbs. I really do love learning french, even if it is really hard! I think it is the most beautiful language. I cant wait for the day I can speak with a beautiful accent. I found out I have been saying some words wrong in my lessons that I have been teaching to my teachers. The word you use for sin is really similar as the word for fishing. So instead of saying you can be forgiven for your sins through the Atonement, I found out I have been saying, you can be forgiven for your fishing through the Atonement. Just a little embarrassing. Also, I have a really hard time pronouncing the word for God, Dieu. (Dad I’m sure you’re getting a good laugh out of that, you did try to help me with that before I left). The language is extremely hard for me, but it comes little by little everyday.

I just can’t wait to be in Canada. This Friday we get our flight plans!! So excited!! Mostly all the teachers that teach french here at the MTC went to Montreal on their missions. I love hearing all the cool stories about Montreal. It gets me super pumped. I just feel like Montreal is so perfect for me and is where I am supposed to be serving the Lord. I already feel an enormous amount of love for the people of Montreal. My teachers who served in Montreal love speaking in the Quebec accent. It sounds so funny to me. My teacher compares it to a Texas accent with a little hillbilly/drunk pirate sound. My teachers said the missionaries don’t usually pick up the accent though because it is kind of hard to talk in. Also, my mission president’s son is in my zone. He is going to the Tahiti french speaking so he has told us a little about Montreal.

I have had many more great teaching experiences. I can feel me and my companion, Soeur Davis getting better and better with each lesson we teach together. I just have so much love for my investigators and can feel the spirit so strongly. I am such a cry baby in lessons. When I feel the spirit I always just start crying, kind of embarrassing sometimes. My companion always teases me and asks if I’m going to cry again before each lesson.

I would say one struggle for me as a missionary is waking up so early every morning. (believe it or not dad.) I don’t think I am ever going to get used to waking up at 6:30. This morning we woke up at 6:00 to go to the temple. I just dread the sound of my alarm clock every morning. My alarm clock is kind of broken. Every morning I accidentally knock it off my ledge that I put it on next to my bed and then the batteries go flying everywhere. My companion teases me and says you must really not want to get up you throw your alarm clock on the ground like every morning. Ha! Then I just sing I threw it on the ground! (inside joke for Caleb:)…)

Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I will just end by saying how much I have learned about having faith since being here. Everyday I learn how I need to put my faith in my Savior. Faith and fear cannot long coexist. With faith I can turn my doubt into courage. I love this quote, “With faith in God, his prophets, his Church and ourselves- with faith in our own divine creation may we be peaceful and let go of our cares and troubles ever doubting- in light that shines, even in a dark place.” I know I can do this with the help of a loving Heavenly Father and Savior.

Well I have to go, but I would love to hear from more of you and keep writing. Letters literally are the best thing and bring me so much happiness. Thank you for all your love and support. You are all in my prayers.
Je vous aime!!

Love, Soeur Hunt


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