I Love Canada!! :)


Well, another week has come to a finish here in Quebec. This week has already gone a 100 times better. I am slowly learning more and more. My companion and I spend most of our time teaching lessons to investigators (we have about 5 solid investigators right now), teaching lessons to recent converts/less actives, eating meals with members, and contacting throughout the day. We are also able to do some service each week by teaching english classes. Another service we are able to provide is by going to a retirement home and visiting with the people, doing their nails and singing songs with them once a week. I love serving people it so rewarding to make a person’s day by talking to them and getting to know them. I am actually learning french by teaching english which seems kind of of funny.

Oh, also we have a car so thats pretty nice. There is no way we would be able to cover our whole area without a car. Before I got here there were 2 elders who covered a part of our area. Their area was dissolved because there was not enough missionaries coming into the mission. Because of this our area grew a lot this last transfer.

Wow, I would like to share an amazing experience I had this week. One of our investigators is Geraldine. The first lesson I taught on my mission was with her. The other day we were able to sit down and read the Book of Mormon. We read with her the section when Christ came to the Americas. We talked about Christ and then about the importance of baptism. I was able to extend the invitation of baptism to her. It was an amazing experience. I could feel the spirit so strongly in the room. Our Relief Society president also sat in on the lesson.  Afterwards she told us that she was in awe with the spirit she felt in the room. It was amazing. Geraldine did not really accept the invitation because she wants to be baptized with her daughter. Which means we need to start teaching her daughter too.  Geraldine and her daughter came to church this week. They seemed to enjoy it. I am praying that me and Soeur Hinkson can keep progressing with Geraldine. I love her so much.

Also, this week at church we had another investigator come and then two random people just showed up who are interested in being taught!!! That does not happen very often. Me and Soeur Hinkson were just running around everywhere talking to people. We are super excited to have some new people to work with and teach.

Yesterday I was served my first Haitian meal. It was soo good. I can’t believe how many Haitians we teach here. Almost all of our investigators are Haitian or from Africa. Only 1 of our investigators is actually caucasion. I love the diversity here. It is interesting to see some of the homes we go into. Some of our investigators are living in not the best conditions and are barely making ends meet. They all seem so happy with the little they have. I am not going to lie, some of the apartments we go into are really sketchy and smell really badly of weed. I have never felt in danger though. I feel that is a huge blessing.

This last week has also been super rainy and cold. It did not feel like August here. I was sleeping with two blankets, wool socks, and wearing my hoodie at night. Ha…I don’t know what I am going to do when winter hits!

The language is coming slowly and it is super hard. I just sit in lessons a lot of the time and have no clue what anyone is saying. It’s nice with how some of the people we teach or talk with will translate into english. One of the less actives we teach each week gives us a 30 minute french lesson and then we share a little message with him each week. Everyone in the ward is so nice and so willing to help me with the language. Soeur Hinkson is really good at french and helps me a lot with the language. I just know I have to be patient with myself and the Lord’s timing.

Another thing that can be really hard for me is contacting. It is hard for me to talk in french first of all, but then have so many people reject us. I just wish they knew what I knew. It hurts to have something you hold so dear to your heart just be rejected time after time. So many people have lost all hope in religion here and see no good in it. It just makes me so sad. I am thankful for my testimony and the opportunity I have to share it each day. I am so thankful for having this gospel in my life and I am thrilled to see the difference it can make in other people’s lives. I know we have a loving Savior who invites all of us to come unto Him and partake of His atonement. I know that this gospel is for everyone. We are all children of God and need the gospel in our lives.

Well today is actually sunny and nice outside. We are just going to leave soon and go grocery shopping, clean, and then get together with some sisters in our district and do nails and play games. I hope everyone is having a great week. I love and miss you all!!

Love, Soeur Hunt


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