I Love my Mission!! :)

The Montreal temple is located in my area of Longueuil.  It is  closed  until next fall for renovations.

The Montreal temple is located in my area of Longueuil. It is closed until next fall for renovations.

Bonjour Famille Hunt et les autres!!

Wow, do I ever have so much I could write and tell you this week. This week has been absolutely wonderful!! Well I guess the beginning of the week started off a little slow and not too much going on, but this last weekend it just took off!! We had lesson after lesson and we were able to serve some of our investigators too.

This last Satuday I got to do my first exchange with the Sister Training Leaders. I was sooo scared for my first exchange because Soeur Hinkson was leaving me and I was staying in our area and I kind of had to take charge. I was so nervous. Now that I look back on Saturday I can see that it was one of my best days out in the field. The Lord truly is there and helps us with our fears.

One of the reasons I was so scared was because the Sister Training Leaders wanted me to drive that day to get to know the area better. I hate driving and especially in unfamiliar places. I was so stressed. Ha!…funny story about driving though. I get in the car my first time to drive and pull out. Everything is okay until I pull under the garage door and then the door closes on top of the car!! I was just like are you kidding me. I have only been driving for 1 minute and I already dented the car and broke the antena off. It was really funny though. Later that night I called the mission office to tell them what happened and found out I wasn’t even supposed to be driving. Technically I am not allowed to drive until I have been in the field for 6 months. So the Sister Training Leaders kind of got in trouble. I was just glad I wasn’t the one getting yelled at.

After that the day went great and I drove everywhere. I got to all the appointments on time and taught 4 lessons with Sister Robles. We found 3 new investigators in one day. It was a really busy and fun day. Later that day we were able to teach Geraldine and her daughter, yes her daughter is starting to be taught too and they are both attending church!:) I am so excited for them. When we arrived to their home Geraldine was making a big dinner for us. She wanted to eat with us before we taught her. We already had another dinner appointment that night, but she pretty much forced us to eat with her. She fed us Fou Fou an african dish. It was very interesting, but suprisingly really good. So yeah, we were fed twice that night. I just made sure not to eat a lot at each house. Everything is going really well with Geraldine. We fasted for her this Sunday in hope of setting a date for baptism this next week. She is really open, loves what we teach and enjoys coming to church. She just doesn’t see the need to be baptized. I know she needs to gain a testimony first. So we will keep working with her and teaching her.

Another amazing miracle happened this week with our new investigator, Daniel. He attended church last Sunday without even being invited. He decided to find the church himself after many amazing experiences he has had in his life. He has faced a lot of trials in his life and truly has been prepared by the Lord to hear His message. He has had random times in his life when the missionaries have found him, but he was never ready. He said yesterday over dinner with us that he feels the missonaries planted a seed inside of him and now he is ready. I was just like, “oh my goodness” is he for real!! Is somebody pranking me?!! We were able to teach him two lessons this last week, eat dinner with him at a members house and went to church with him on Sunday. We also set a baptismal date with him!! I am so happy for him. I can’t explain the love I have felt this last weekend for the people we are teaching. I was teaching a lesson to Daniel this last weekend and was overcome with so much love for him and all our investigators. I just started crying out of nowhere in the middle of dinner as we were talking with him and getting to know him. He probably thinks I am weird now.

I truly have felt so blessed this last weekend. We faced a lot of disappointments at the beginning of the week. Through diligence, obedience, prayer, fasting, and faith I saw miracles this weekend. I am so excited to keep working with our investigators and see the progression they will make. Please keep my investigators in your prayers.

This last week has been really hot and sticky here in Montreal. On Friday we helped Carol, another investigator, clean her apartment. She was getting organized in hopes for a garage sale. Cleaning her apartment was a real shocker. I was not prepared for what I was getting into. It was a good thing me and Soeur Hinkson brought gloves to clean with. I literally saw so many huge spiders that day cleaning…it was not very pleasant. Her apartment building scares me in general, especially when there are spiders everywhere. Ha!, but then again I saw the blessing of serving. The reward you receive is love and love for the person you are serving.

This past week has just been wonderful!! I love Quebec, I love my investigators, the ward, my companion, and the Lord. I truly feel so blessed. I hope everything is good down in Utah. I love you all and wish you luck with the week especially as school starts back up. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I can hardly wait to see the trees start changing colors. Everyone tells me fall is gorgeous here. Please know that you are all in my prayers!

Je vous aime beaucoup!!

Love, Soeur Hunt


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