Fete de Traville aka Labor Day!!

Bonjour everyone!!

Well this week has just been crazy. I feel like I was just writing you guys yesterday telling you about the week before. It went by incredibly fast. I have had a lot of fun and amazing experiences this last week.

I guess I can start off with the funny. This last Saturday me and Soeur Hinkson were checking up on some potentials in our area when we ran into a lady walking on the street. She was walking her dogs. I began to tell her how I love dogs and miss my dog a lot. She told me her dogs are mean and then one started growling at me. I just ignored it while I was thinking, well she is friendly maybe we will be able to share a little message with her. Then out of nowhere the dog attacked me and bit my foot. It hurt so much!! I didnt even know what to do. She kept apologizing, but I just wanted to leave and go check my bitten foot out. We akwardly walked away and wished her a good night. I have a nice dog bite imprinted on my foot. Now I am kind of scared of dogs…which is a first for me because I love dogs.

Here is another funny story. This really grumpy man who lives in the apartment building next to us decided the other day to give us a piece of his mind. I didn’t really understand what he was saying. I just kept hearing him say something about Mormons and the word tabernacle. I thought he was trying to say something about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I was like, oh cool he wants to know more about our church. Then I remembered tabernacle is equivalent to a swear word here. Then he started yelling at us. Yeah, lets just say he wasn’t interested in what we had to say. My companion just stood there laughing at me… haha!

This week has been so amazing to see our new investigator Daniel progressing. He is the greatest blessing. I am honored to be the missionary that is able to teach him. We have had three lessons with him now. He is so excited and ready for baptism. It is crazy. We set a baptismal date with him for Sept. 27th. Last Sunday we invited him to be baptized and he said he would if he found these things to be true. The next day on P-day right after writing you guys, he texted us and said he prayed about it and knows it’s what he is supposed to be doing. Our last two lessons have been amazing with him. You can feel the spirit so strong when you teach him. During the last lesson we had with Daniel he said he is ready to prepare for baptism, but his real goal is to make it to the temple!! I am just so excited to keep teaching him and I hope everything works out for him. He is going through a lot right now, so hopefully we can help as we teach him about the gospel. I have grown to appreciate Daniel so much.

Also, this last week has been kind of crazy because we had this huge ward activity. We were so busy trying to invite all our investigators and less actives. We had an amazing turn out and a lot of people in the ward brought friends who were not members. We were so excited to meet them all. It is still hard for me to converse with all the members. It is especially difficult outside of lessons and talking about everyday stuff. I just don’t really know what they are saying, but I smile and nod. I love the members here. That day I was able to get to know Geraldine’s daughter, Redia, a lot better. I love her!! She is sixteen and we had so much fun talking and laughing. She speaks english so I was able to converse better with her. It is super exciting because now we are teaching Geraldine and her daughter Redia. Then this last Sunday Geraldine brought even more of her family to church. I just love them all so much! I am really starting to see progression with Geraldine.

This last Sunday was also really exciting because we launched our ward mission plan with the whole ward. We have been working hard with our ward mission leader to get it all organized and ready to present to the members. The ward mission leader is amazing. This last week we spent a lot of time with him preparing and eating dinner with his cute family. He is so willing to help and is such a great missionary. We got the ward all excited for missionary work and how they can help us get the work moving here. So hopefully we will start seeing more members involved in the work.

I am just growing to love the people here more each day as we teach them. I truly see the Lord’s hand in all the people we teach and come in contact with. He truly is preparing the hearts of His children to be ready for His message (Alma 13:24). I am learning each day that this is not my work or the member’s work, but the Lord’s work completely. I love this work and encourage you all to look for ways to serve and love those around you each day. Have the courage to invite people to learn about our Savior and His teachings. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week. You are all in my prayers.

Love, Soeur Hunt


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