One Great Week!

The Montreal temple under construction.

The Montreal temple under construction.

Bonjour family and friends!!!:)

Wow, so many things have happened this last week. I hope I have the time to to share it all. The week started out with one of the most amazing lessons with Geraldine and her daughter, Redia. We have been teaching them about the commandments and so far they have been willing to keep all of them. Another amazing thing was the ward invited Redia to attend early morning seminary at 6:00 a.m. Guess what, she said she would love to! She has attended every morning since last Monday. I really am seeing that Redia loves being a part of the youth in the ward. She told me she loves seminary. It is amazing to see the ward members really helping with our missionary efforts. Redia also told me that she wants to be a missionary someday. She said that she will have to keep going to seminary, church and be baptized for that. I was just like what??!, “that’s awesome you want to be a missionary!!” I told her if she keeps doing those things I have no doubt she will be able to serve a mission. Redia is 16 years old. Geraldine hasn’t been able to set a baptismal date yet because she has to talk some more with her husband who still lives in Africa. It is amazing to see how much they love coming to church each week and how involved they are becoming in the ward.

Also, this last week Daniel had his baptismal interview and passed!! Me and Soeur Hinkson are just thrilled for him. He is more than ready for baptism. I have seen such a change in Daniel the last few weeks and I can’t wait for his baptism this Saturday. He is so excited and he cannot barely wait any longer:)

I think the most amazing experience I had this last week was with a young man we contacted on the street a few weeks ago. His name is Pablo. We have been trying for weeks to get a hold of him and set a meeting. He finally was free this last Saturday. We went into his home and were welcomed in by his parents and girlfriend. They were so welcoming and friendly I felt like I was walking into a member’s home. Pablo’s parents did not want to listen to our lesson, but we got to teach Pablo and his girlfriend, Nicole. It was the most amazing lesson I have ever been a part of. I have never felt the spirit so strong during a lesson. For every question we asked they gave the perfect response. When I testified of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon the spirit confirmed to me once again that what I was saying was true and they needed to hear it. Afterwards, we invited them to baptism. They said, “yes, they would if they found these things to be true.” Nicole told us she felt goosebumps and said God must be trying to tell her something. I already just love the two of them. I pray that we can have more lessons with them and continue teaching them.

Well, here is some funny stuff from the week. We were contacting and going door to door. We knocked on this man’s door and he answers his door in just a towel and he is all wet. He tells us he is taking a shower…I am just like, “okay then why did you just answer the door?” Me and Soeur Hinkson don’t even know what to do…haha! We just keep talking to him and he tells us his name is Tommy. He then tells us that he has already talked to the missionaries before and he is not interested. I was just grateful the conversation ended fast because it was pretty awkward. after he closed the door me and Soeur Hinkson just bust out laughing and we now call him Tommy the Towel Man. We ran into him on the street the other day. I couldn’t help giggling again when we started talking to him… haha!

Another weird thing is that ever since I have been here a lot of people get a good chuckle out of my name. For some reason everyone’s first thought when I introduce myself as Soeur Hunt is, “oh like the tomato sauce??” I have never not liked my last name until now…haha! One lady in the ward calls me spaghetti girl every time she sees me. I don’t know why she thinks it is so funny. I just go with it and laugh 🙂

This last week I have really seen the Lord’s hands in all we do. I know our Savior knows and loves each one of us. I know He is there for us with open arms. Especially those who are still waiting to learn more about Him and feel His love and mercy. He truly is the one directing the work all around the world for all missionaries.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love hearing from you. Thank you for your love and support through letters and emails. Even if letters take a long time to get to me they are the best thing and I treasure them. You are in my prayers and thoughts, always.

Love, Soeur Hunt


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