Beautiful Week!! :)

Name Tag Fall Pic

Name Tag Fall Pic

Red Leaf Selfie

Red Leaf Selfie

On our way intto Montreal for our Zone Conference.

On our way into Montreal for our Zone Conference.

le bapteme de Daniel

Hello Everyone!!

Well, this last week has been wonderful. Saturday of course would have to be the highlight of the week. Daniel’s baptism went so great. It had such a special feeling. I think even more rewarding was seeing how happy he looked the next day at church after being confirmed and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Daniel even brought his little girl, Amanda, to church with him for the first time. We have been praying that his parents would attend his baptism because they were not too sure about it. Yes, they came on Saturday:) I was able to meet his parents and his dad seemed very interested in the missionaries. He was asking me a lot of questions and his accent was really hard to understand. So hopefully I answered his questions right…ha! When I told him my age he just started laughing. This is a reaction I get with a lot of people. Whatever, I am okay with it. Daniel also asked me to give a talk at his baptism which was scary for me. It is really difficult to give a talk in front of a lot of people in french. I did it and hopefully they could understand what I was saying…haha! Good thing I have a trainer who helped me in preparing it.

Another exciting thing this last week was when an Area Seventy came to Montreal for a mission tour. On Wednesday we had a big multi-zone conference. Elder Carlson gave the most amazing training. I learned so much at that meeting. He shared some new insights with us on missionary work. The meeting had the most amazing spirit. I also enjoyed listening to my Mission President and his wife. They are such amazing examples to me and truly love their missionaries. Elder Carlson talked a lot about how to teach properly. He talked about how teaching isn’t talking and teaching it is listening and observing. As missionaries we need to be listening constantly to our investigators and to the Holy Ghost to know what to say and teach. I am not the teacher, but a tool for the Holy Ghost to speak through to reach the hearts of others. He also talked a lot about finding our investigators and how we should be talking to EVERYONE!

Soeur Hinkson and I have been trying to rise to Elder Carlson’s challenge. This last weekend we stopped and talked to everyone and anyone we ran into. It can get pretty discouraging at times when people you talk to are completely not interested. Honestly though, it is so rewarding when you find someone who instantly is happy to talk to you. I love to get to know people even if they don’t really seem interested in our message.

I have met so many amazing people with such amazing stories. Montreal is covered with people from everywhere around the world: China, Haiti, Africa, England, and South America. Presently, Soeur Hinkson and I are really working hard to find new Amis (investigators) who are ready to be taught. We have been doing a lot of street contacting this past week because the weather has been so beautiful!! It was the perfect temperature and the leaves are all changing color. The leaves in the maples trees are turning the deepest red:) Yes, fall is my favorite season!!

We were able to attend the Women’s Conference at our church building on Saturday night. That conference was amazing. I loved it. It got me super excited for this coming weekend!! General Conference is pretty much like the Super Bowl for missionaries. Wow, I am such a nerdy missionary. We will be watching it at our chapel too. They will be televising it in French, English and Spanish.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I just challenge you to look for ways to be a disciple of Christ each day. Don’t be afraid to be a witness of Christ at all times, in all things, and in all places. You should not be scared to testify of your love and knowledge of your Savior. He is always there for you and will help you. I love you all!

Love, Soeur Hunt


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