Exciting News!!


Well, my big news for this week is first of all I am officially done with my in-field training on Wednesday. Yipee!! But then I am going to jump right back into training because this last Saturday for transfer calls I found out that I am going to be trainer! Wow, was I ever shocked and surprised. I was not expecting that! So Soeur Hinkson is leaving me and I am getting a greenie on Wednesday. I will be staying in Lemoyne. I am not going to lie this is all little overwhelming. I am super nervous and I kind of think the President made a mistake…haha! Not really, he is a very inspired man who is called of God. As much as I feel nervous and scared I am so excited. I know the lord will bless me, strengthen me and help me in his work. Whom the Lord calls He qualifies. I will give you more updates on my changes next week.

The other great news for this week is that we are continuing to work with Magloire and his 6 children. Gosh, I love that family. I really hope they begin to see blessings as they learn more and make those changes necessary to come unto Christ. We have had another amazing lesson with them. We decided to read in the Book of Mormon with the family. It is really hard because Magloire cannot read or write and the children really struggle with reading except for the 16-year-old boy. Stephan, the 16-year-old boy reads in The Book of Mormon every night while the family listens and follows along. We have to move really slow with Magloire. It is hard to teach him right now because we don’t know how much he is there mentally. The ward, especially the bishop and his counselors have really become involved and help them all they can. I think the bishopric went over to the house last night to give Magloire a blessing. We will just continue teaching the dad and his kids, getting them involved in the ward, and we will see where things go from there.

We also have added 3 new investigators this last week. We are going to start teaching a little family from Columbia. It is a husband and wife with three little girls. We received the referral from a member in Montreal who contacted the family in the hospital last week. The member felt prompted to talk to this family and after she did they said they would be interested in learning more. This goes to show how you can talk to anyone, anywhere and invite them to learn more when moved upon by the spirit. The family is facing a lot of trials right now. They have lost hope in God. Their newborn baby has Down Syndrome and it has been really hard on them. I hope we can give this family the hope and comfort they need in their life right now as we continue to teach them. We also have received another investigator from Columbia this week. He is actually a media referral and he is very open and excited to learn about the church. He has met with the missionaries before, but he said at that time in his life he wasn’t ready. He came to church yesterday and was already trying to pay his tithing. I am very optimistic with Alvaro! Maybe my new companion will be able to speak spanish with all these new spanish speaking Amis!

I will leave you with a funny story from this last week. It was a rainy night and Soeur Hinkson and I are driving on our way to an appointment. I am talking to a member on the phone when all of sudden out of nowhere a cat dashes in the street and Soeur Hinkson completely smashes it! I literally just start screaming on the phone, “ahh we ran over a cat!” The member on the phone just starts laughing. We look in the rear view mirror and see this little cat arm come up. It was so sad. I felt so bad. We kept driving not knowing what to do. Oh, the poor little cat:( Then the next day we ran over a squirrel! I guess we are just animal killers. Well, that was kind of a random story but anyways…

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I will leave you with a quote from President Eyring that helped me this last week. “The Lord will help us in our callings, especially when we feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities. When we pray to Heavenly Father for guidance, He will direct us through inspiration and will bless us to serve well. The Lord helps those who serve Him and will add His power to their efforts (see D&C 84:88). As President Thomas S. Monson promised, “When we are on the Lord’s errand, we are entitled to the Lord’s help. Remember that whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.”
Je vous aime!!!
J’ espere vous passe a bon semaine:)

Avec amour,
Soeur Hunt


Semaine des Miracle!!!

We are working hard!

We are working hard!

Bonjour ma Famille et mes amies!

I have so much to catch you up on. This past weekend was amazing. The week started off a little slow. Being we were not able to find anyone to teach. It was a little discouraging. A lot of our amis were busy or didn’t want to make the time to see us. So that meant a lot of walking around trying to contact people on the street or going door to door. We were not finding too much success in that this week.

One night Soeur Hinkson and I got completely lost trying to find our way driving around in the car. We were trying to visit a less active. We ended up in front of a house that the english Elders told us to contact a month ago. We didn’t have much luck getting in contact with them at that time.

We decided we must have become lost for some reason, so went to their door again. As we were knocking, the door opened and a teenage boy answered. We didn’t say anything, he just looked at us and let us in. At that point we knew we had to leave because their wasn’t another woman present. The father in the home said, “I would like you to come back and teach my family the word of God tomorrow.”

Later that night we called the english Elders of our area and found out that they stopped by right after we did. They also felt they should go visit this family. The Elders were able receive more information about them because they could actually go in their home. The Elders found out that the family had just lost their mother. They have only been in Canada since July. They moved here from Africa.

After two weeks of being in Canada their mother passed away and they were completely surprised. Now there is a single father with 6 children, ranging from ages 2-16, living in a little apartment with barely anything.
I immediately felt so much love for this family and knew they needed our message.

The next night we went back with our Relief Society President. We had the most amazing first lesson with this family. The children were all a part of the lesson and they listened to everything we said. They were so well-behaved. They seemed to take in everything we had to say. We were able to get them to church the very next day. Thanks to the help of our ward mission leader. He went and took the whole family to church. They all looked so happy to be there. This family is so humble and ready to learn more about the gospel. I barely know them, but I already have a strong love for them. The children are so cute. They stuck to our sides like glue. I was the recipient of countless hugs from them this past weekend.

My testimony on the power of prayer was deeply strengthened this last week. Every night and morning I was praying that we could find someone new to teach. I prayed that we would be blessed to find just one person that wanted to hear and listen to our message. The Lord truly blessed Soeur Hinkson and I. We now have 5 new investigators just from this one family. I cannot even put into words how much joy and love I have for this cute family. The children are all so adorable. It was amazing to see how willing the ward was to help and love the family when they attended church yesterday. I am excited to work with the members as they fellowship them.

We also had the most amazing Relief Society lesson this last Sunday on missionary work. The strongest spirit was present during the lesson. Everyone was sharing their conversion stories. They spoke of how the missionaries found them or their parents years ago. It was inspiring to hear their strong testimonies.

Geraldine even got up and bore a tearful testimony. She said she was thankful for the missionaries for bringing her to this big ward family. She was grateful to be in a place where she felt welcomed and loved. Geraldine continues to progress with her daughter, Redia. We are just waiting to get permission from her husband in Africa for their baptism.

Also, one of our ward members brought a non-member friend to church this same day. She made it clear that she was completely not interested in meeting with the missionaries. After that amazing lesson in Relief Society Soeur Hinkson and I decided that we had to go ask her if she would be willing to let us visit with her. She said, “yes!!”

This weekend was truly filled with so many miracles! The joy and rewards of missionary work cannot be described in words. I received the most powerful testimony this week on finding the joy and success of hard work. I know this is where I am supposed to be and I know this is what I am supposed to be doing. There is nothing more important that I could be doing right now. I love this work, I love this gospel:)

I hope you have an amazing week. I love you all!!

Soeur Hunt

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

Yup! It’s Thanksgiving day in Canada today. It doesn’t feel much like Thanksgiving though. It’s not really that big of a deal here, but it is still celebrated. Everyone has work and school off. The funny thing is Soeur Hinkson and I usually have a dinner appointment but, tonight nobody in the ward signed up. I guess we are having Thanksgiving alone. That’s okay with me because  we were fed a lot this last weekend. The last three nights we ate dinner with people from Africa. I ate some new and interesting food. I even ate part of a fish head. I don’t think my body is used to African food because I got a little sick from the food. It tasted really good though. Last night we ate with Geraldine. It was so fun just being together with her family and eating and laughing. I love them so much.

This last week has really been amazing. We had a zone conference on Wednesday with all the other missionaries and even President Patrick. I learned so much from the meeting. After the meeting there were a lot of things I wanted to change about my work. I am so thankful to have a companion who is on the same page as me. We sat down after the meeting and made goals together. I also set some personal goals for our work. It was amazing to see how the week took off after that. We met so many new people who were interested and we had some really amazing lessons. Sadly, most of the people we met were english or spanish speaking. Which meant we had to pass them off to different missionaries.

I am so thankful for how the Lord blesses Sister Hinkson and I as we show our diligence, faith in Him and follow the promptings from the spirit. The work is hard but, so fulfilling all at the same time. I love it.

Sorry, I really don’t have too many new things to report this week. I would like to leave you with my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I really have seen the importance of the Book of Mormon in missionary work. It’s the best tool we have to bring others unto Christ and to help them gain a testimony of the Savior and his divinity. The Book of Mormon combined with the spirit is our most powerful resource in the conversion process. As I read the Book of Mormon each day and testify of its truthfulness I have received time after time the confirmation to its truthfulness. It truly is the word of God and we can find answers to any questions we may have by reading it. You truly can feel the love of the Savior and God when you open and read it. I love the Book of Mormon and I know its words and teachings are true. It is for everyone. I invite everyone to read and come to love its teachings.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week.
Love, Soeur Hunt


Another Beautiful Week in Québec

Fall in Montreal

Fall in Montreal


Wow, did this week ever just fly by. I feel like I was just writing everyone yesterday. This weekend was pretty great. I loved watching conference. It was such an amazing experience to watch conference as a missionary. Such a different feeling and spirit. It is awesome to hear the talks and then try apply it to the work and the Amis we are teaching. I loved President Eyring’s and Elder Bednar’s talk. Both of those talks are just what I needed to hear. We were able to watch conference in english at the chapel. There was english, french, and spanish broadcasts playing in our chapel. We also watched the Saturday morning session with a family in our ward. Someone had forgotten to set it up at the chapel that morning. We ended up going to a member’s house that we knew would be listening to it in english.

One great experience we had this last week was another amazing lesson we had with Geraldine and Redia. They are really starting to progress. I feel like they are already members. They come to all the church activities and meetings. They are friends with so many different members in the ward now. They technically are in the Elders area of our ward, but we decided to work together with the Tuba family. More of Geraldine’s daughters are interested in what we are teaching and they are participating in our lessons. We taught about fasting and praying as a family this last week. We are going to fast with their family this next Sunday. We found out the reason Geraldine and Redia have been so hesitant about baptism. They have been talking to their husband/father who still lives in Africa. He isn’t too sure about all of this. The Elders, Sister Hinkson and I decided to refer the missionaries to him in Africa. We sent his information off and are keeping our fingers crossed he will be found. The other option we have is to Skype with him. He told Geraldine on the phone that he is excited to meet the missionaries. Geraldine is confident her husband’s heart will be softened when he meets with the missionaries. Our prayers and fasting next Sunday will be for her husband. I love this family so much, they have become so close to my heart. I love walking into their home and having Geraldine junior (her granddaughter)leap into my lap and give me a hug. Then without fail she will start doing my hair. They live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with 6 girls. They are the happiest and most humble people I know. Please keep them in your prayers for me.

This last week we were also able to go into Montreal. We needed to do some business and pick of some things at the mission office. A funny story about this trip is Soeur Hinkson an I have been getting really lost in the car lately. We don’t have our GPS because we let a member use it. So we were crossing the bridge back into Lemoyne and then some how we ended back on the bridge going into the city again. For some reason we made the same mistake again with our exit. So yah, hopefully we learned our lesson of how to cross the bridge from Montreal. A drive that should take 30 minutes ended up taking 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was a good thing we didn’t have any appointments at that time. I really have no sense of direction up here. Haha…not like that’s new or anything.

Everything is going so great here. I continue to work my hardest. I love this work, the people, this mission, the gospel, and my Lord. The Lord truly blesses and helps the missionaries. I see His hand in the work everyday.
You are all in my prayers!!

Je vous aime beaucoup!

Love always,

Soeur Hunt