Another Beautiful Week in Québec

Fall in Montreal

Fall in Montreal


Wow, did this week ever just fly by. I feel like I was just writing everyone yesterday. This weekend was pretty great. I loved watching conference. It was such an amazing experience to watch conference as a missionary. Such a different feeling and spirit. It is awesome to hear the talks and then try apply it to the work and the Amis we are teaching. I loved President Eyring’s and Elder Bednar’s talk. Both of those talks are just what I needed to hear. We were able to watch conference in english at the chapel. There was english, french, and spanish broadcasts playing in our chapel. We also watched the Saturday morning session with a family in our ward. Someone had forgotten to set it up at the chapel that morning. We ended up going to a member’s house that we knew would be listening to it in english.

One great experience we had this last week was another amazing lesson we had with Geraldine and Redia. They are really starting to progress. I feel like they are already members. They come to all the church activities and meetings. They are friends with so many different members in the ward now. They technically are in the Elders area of our ward, but we decided to work together with the Tuba family. More of Geraldine’s daughters are interested in what we are teaching and they are participating in our lessons. We taught about fasting and praying as a family this last week. We are going to fast with their family this next Sunday. We found out the reason Geraldine and Redia have been so hesitant about baptism. They have been talking to their husband/father who still lives in Africa. He isn’t too sure about all of this. The Elders, Sister Hinkson and I decided to refer the missionaries to him in Africa. We sent his information off and are keeping our fingers crossed he will be found. The other option we have is to Skype with him. He told Geraldine on the phone that he is excited to meet the missionaries. Geraldine is confident her husband’s heart will be softened when he meets with the missionaries. Our prayers and fasting next Sunday will be for her husband. I love this family so much, they have become so close to my heart. I love walking into their home and having Geraldine junior (her granddaughter)leap into my lap and give me a hug. Then without fail she will start doing my hair. They live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with 6 girls. They are the happiest and most humble people I know. Please keep them in your prayers for me.

This last week we were also able to go into Montreal. We needed to do some business and pick of some things at the mission office. A funny story about this trip is Soeur Hinkson an I have been getting really lost in the car lately. We don’t have our GPS because we let a member use it. So we were crossing the bridge back into Lemoyne and then some how we ended back on the bridge going into the city again. For some reason we made the same mistake again with our exit. So yah, hopefully we learned our lesson of how to cross the bridge from Montreal. A drive that should take 30 minutes ended up taking 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was a good thing we didn’t have any appointments at that time. I really have no sense of direction up here. Haha…not like that’s new or anything.

Everything is going so great here. I continue to work my hardest. I love this work, the people, this mission, the gospel, and my Lord. The Lord truly blesses and helps the missionaries. I see His hand in the work everyday.
You are all in my prayers!!

Je vous aime beaucoup!

Love always,

Soeur Hunt


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