Attitude of Gratitude

The sisters in my district. I love them so much! :)

The sisters in my district. I love them so much! 🙂

Bonjour tous le monde! 🙂

I can’t believe it is already Thanksgiving. This month went by so fast! It was such a great month that was full of a lot of change, but so wonderful. I just feel like I have so much to be grateful for. This last week Soeur Blanc and I saw so many miracles in the Lord’s work.

This last weekend when we taught our english class we ended with a Mormon Message about Thanksgiving. We had everyone go around and tell us what they are thankful for. I loved hearing all their responses. These non-members all had such sweet and simple responses: I am thankful for my beautiful children, my health, God’s creations, and having a happy marriage. We have so much to be thankful for. As we think about the knowledge we have of this restored gospel and think of all the blessings the church and the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ has brought into our lives. We can’t even start to name all the blessings and things we have to be grateful for.

Well, I want to share a really cool experience that happened this last week. I was driving down the street with Soeur Blanc after contacting some people in a neighborhood. We weren’t too successful so we decided to go to another neighborhood to contact. We got in the car and started driving when I saw a lady standing on the corner. I had the strongest feeling to stop the car, pull over, get out and go talk to her. So I did just that. I probably looked like a crazy lady flipping the car around, but we got out to talk to her for a little bit. I asked her if we could come teach her family. She immediately said, “yes!” Then her brother came out to talk to us and said he wanted us to come back. Soeur Blanc and I were so excited. We taught her and her brother last night about Jesus Christ, how the gospel of Christ is for the family and the Book of Mormon. The first lesson went amazing. She is from the Congo and has only been in Canada for 18 weeks. She is here with her three little girls and her brother. Her little girls don’t speak french too well. They speak english and their african language. We are going to start teaching them french 🙂 We taught them and got to know them last night. I already feel something special with Grace and her brother George. They said we are welcome to come visit them every night around 7:00.

During the lesson I could tell something was bothering Grace, but she wouldn’t open up. As we were leaving she followed us out to our car and just started crying. She told us how it is really hard to live in a new country with three little girls and without her husband who just passed away. My heart was so touched.

Soeur Blanc and I expressed our love for her and the love that God has for her. We assured her that her Heavenly Father loves her and we are here to help her. Her courage and strength inspires me. When we walked into their home all they had was a table with four chairs around it and a little tv on a stand. They don’t even have a couch. All I could think is, wow we don’t know how blessed we are sometimes. I hope we can help this family not only as we get the ward involved to help, but as we share the truth and knowledge they are looking for through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also had the most amazing zone conference yesterday. I learned so much and felt the spirit so strong there. This really is the time to hasten the Lord’s work. I feel honored to be able to serve a mission at a time like this!

Also, this last week we were able to celebrate Redia’s 17th birthday. We went to their home and Geraldine of course prepared some yummy african food. I got to talk to Redia more about how she wants to serve a mission. I am so excited for this family. I see so much potential for them, it’s amazing. Geraldine and Redia are still being taught and coming to church each week. We keep praying that her husband will give them permission soon. We sent a referral to the missionaries in Africa, but we haven’t heard back from that. So we gave her husband the address of the church there. We are waiting to see if he went this last weekend. We continue to pray and fast for them.

Sorry that I don’t have more time to write. There are so many other things that happened this last week. Please know that all is going great here and I love and miss you all. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!!

Avec amour toujour,

Soeur Hunt


First snow fall!!

Our big african family. Taken before Soeur Hinkson left.

Our big african family. Taken before Soeur Hinkson left.

All of my companions in one picture. What is funny is that Soeur Hinkson is now companions with my MTC companion, Soeur Davis.

All of my companions in one picture. What is funny is that Soeur Hinkson is now companions with my MTC companion, Soeur Davis.

Me and Soeur Blanc

Me and Soeur Blanc


Well, this week has been great. It finally started snowing which I was super excited about! I think the snow is so pretty. It isn’t really sticking to the ground yet, but it is still fun! I woke up yesterday, saw the snow and started jumping for joy. I don’t think my companion felt the same way as me. She just kept saying, “oh no, oh no.”

This week has been a little slow, but was still full of miracles. We had the most amazing lessons with our three most progressing investigators which are Lucy, Fernando, and Paula. Teaching them makes me want to learn chinese and spanish so I can talk to them in their native language, but I should probably focus on my french first. We also continue to work and serve the big african family. The ward has been a huge help with the family. The dad has been really sick lately and has been going to the hospital. We haven’t been able to see the family too much this week. We continue to serve them and pray for them. Our goal for this next week is to get all of our investigators to church! It is so hard to get them to church sometimes, but I need to have patience and remember everyone has their own agency.

This past week Soeur Blanc and I have been doing a lot of contacting going door to door. With the cold everyone stays inside, so it is hard to do street contacts. Door to door is hard because everyone opens their doors, feels how cold it is and then they want to hurry and close it. That is okay, we just need be more creative in our contacting. We have thought about going to the mall this week to do contacting.

We have had a lot of fun teaching our english class. We have been teaching the class twice a week and we get about 6 people to come each night. I have become pretty good friends with some of the regulars. One guy brings me candy every week because he knows I have a soft spot for sugar. We started reading the gospel principles book to help them read english. I think that is pretty cool because all of our students are non members. We are hoping it will help them become curious about the church.

Soeur Blanc and I were able to go downtown last night. The three stakes around Montreal are getting together do a big Christmas carol flashmob. We will be performing it in downtown Montreal sometime in December. We were pretty excited because a lot of people showed up. They are planning on filming it and are hoping it will bring some positive publicity for the church. Our stake has really been stressing the importance of using the internet for missionary work. They came up with this idea so members would be able to post the video during the holidays. It is exciting to see the stake trying new ways of missionary work.

Things are also going good with my new companion. She is teaching me to make yummy Haitian food and to speak Creole. I love her lots.

I want to leave you with my testimony. I know the church is true. We are so blessed to have this knowledge and testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. We should continue each day praying for the spirit to be with us to find ways to share it with those around us. I challenge you to look for little ways you can share your testimony and love for the Savior, especially around this holiday season.
I love you all!
Have fun with your preparations for Thanksgiving day.


Soeur Hunt

P.S. My P-day will be on Tuesday next week.

November…the hush before winter!

Hello all my beautiful family and friends:)

This last week went by so fast, but it was so great. It was a little disappointing at times, but great all the same. Almost all of our lessons we planned this week fell through. They were either not at home or they cancelled on us last-minute. So that meant we needed to go out and find new people to teach. It is funny because our goal is to get members at every lesson we teach. When we bring a member, that is the lesson that ends up being the one that doesn’t work out.

One of our investigators we are working with right now was a member referral which is amazing because then you get to work with the member so closely to help fellowship the investigator. Each lesson you have a member with goes a 100 times better. This is the time in missionary work for members and missionaries to work together. It is the only way we as members and missionaries can keep up with the hastening of the Lord’s work. Our ward is really amazing and are so willing to come teach and help our investigators with us. We have an amazing ward mission leader who has really been helping with the big African family. Our relief society president helps so much too.

It is starting to get pretty cold up here. Soeur Blanc and I are trying to collect all our winter clothes. After I am done writing emails we are going shopping:) Soeur Blanc is dying already and it isn’t even that cold yet. She has never seen snow in her life. She is so cute and I love her. We really are growing closer and closer each day. It definitely is different working with a new companion and changing the ways you’re used to doing stuff. I love her and learn something from her each day. She has the most beautiful testimony and it strengthens me daily.

Daniel continues to progress we still go and teach him weekly. He is going through a lot of trials with his divorce and ex-wife, but the bishop is helping him a lot. The best I can do is pray for him and show him my support. He just loves the gospel and is studying it daily. We even gave him pass-along cards in our last lesson. He got all excited and has already started passing them out to people he meets on the street. He is amazing and so excited to be a member of the church and will share it with anyone and everyone.

I don’t have too much time to write this week. I just want you to know that I am great. Even when things get hard and challenging the Lord strengthens and blesses us. Those are the times we grow closer to our Savior. I have learned so much about patience. Patience in the language, with my companion, with investigators, and just in the Lord’s timing. I know His timing is perfect and He has a plan for each one of us. He knows each one of us individually and personally. I love my Heavenly Father and I know He will bless and strengthen us when we practice our faith and patience in Him.
I love you all!!

Love, Soeur Hunt

A Week of Change :)

Soeur Blanc  and I with  Pres. and Sister Patrick

Soeur Blanc and I with Pres. and Sister Patrick


This week has been so great. I received my new companion, Soeur Blanc. She is amazing and I love her. She is from Florida, but was born in Haiti. I have never met so many Haitian people in my life until coming here. Now my companion is Haitian! I feel so blessed to train her, she has the most powerful testimony. She has only been a member of the church for 16 months. In fact, the missionary that baptized her in Florida is still serving his mission. Missionary work is truly amazing! Soeur Blanc and I have only been together for 5 days, but I can tell we will work great together! Soeur Blanc is a great cook. She is going to teach me to make Haitian food:) She didn’t speak french before her mission, but she is picking it up really fast because creole is really similar to french.

I was really scared to be a trainer at first especially thinking about the language, but the Lord truly blesses us and helps us. My french is still not the best. I have so much to learn and improve on, but I can feel the Lord helping me. I have surprised myself that I can speak and understand more than I thought as I take the lead in lessons and with other things too. Soeur Blanc and I speak about the same level of french right now. So we help each other out. It is definitely a new experience to be training and a little overwhelming at times, but I love it!!:)

We continue to teach our two families. The big African family and the little family from Columbia. I love teaching them and it really is amazing to see them pray and then read in the Book of Mormon. The african children say some of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard. I asked Valentine this week how she feels when they pray as a family. She looked at me and gave me the most sincere response. She said, “I feel the love of the Savior when we pray.” This family is taught almost everyday. We teach them twice a week and then the elders in our ward teach them twice a week. I am excited to see where things go with the family.

We have also had a really cool experience with Lou, our neighbor who lives above us. She has become the missionary mother the past few years with all the missionaries coming and going from our apartment. She bakes for us and literally gave us a new couch, towels, and dishes. She is always worrying about us. Missionaries usually do service and have prayer with her. She has been going through a really hard time and needs more with the loss of her mom, her sister, and now losing her job. Soeur Blanc and I suggested that she could have the elders give her a blessing of comfort. She accepted this. It was heart warming to see 6 energetic missionaries all in this one apartment sharing their testimonies. Afterwards, she received a priesthood blessing. There was a special spirit present.

Yesterday, Soeur Blanc and I presented her with a Book of Mormon. She accepted to read and look at it. This is incredible because the missionaries have been trying to present her with a Book of Mormon for years. She would always say “no”. I really am excited to see how things go with her. I love her and I know she can have so much happiness in her life.

I wish I had more time to write about other experiences from this last week. There is not enough time and then again I don’t want to bore you…ha! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!:)
Je vous Aime!

Avec amour,
Soeur Hunt

P.S. It is already freezing here and this is only the beginning. I think I am going to die! No snow yet, but we did get the winter tires put on our car this last week.