November…the hush before winter!

Hello all my beautiful family and friends:)

This last week went by so fast, but it was so great. It was a little disappointing at times, but great all the same. Almost all of our lessons we planned this week fell through. They were either not at home or they cancelled on us last-minute. So that meant we needed to go out and find new people to teach. It is funny because our goal is to get members at every lesson we teach. When we bring a member, that is the lesson that ends up being the one that doesn’t work out.

One of our investigators we are working with right now was a member referral which is amazing because then you get to work with the member so closely to help fellowship the investigator. Each lesson you have a member with goes a 100 times better. This is the time in missionary work for members and missionaries to work together. It is the only way we as members and missionaries can keep up with the hastening of the Lord’s work. Our ward is really amazing and are so willing to come teach and help our investigators with us. We have an amazing ward mission leader who has really been helping with the big African family. Our relief society president helps so much too.

It is starting to get pretty cold up here. Soeur Blanc and I are trying to collect all our winter clothes. After I am done writing emails we are going shopping:) Soeur Blanc is dying already and it isn’t even that cold yet. She has never seen snow in her life. She is so cute and I love her. We really are growing closer and closer each day. It definitely is different working with a new companion and changing the ways you’re used to doing stuff. I love her and learn something from her each day. She has the most beautiful testimony and it strengthens me daily.

Daniel continues to progress we still go and teach him weekly. He is going through a lot of trials with his divorce and ex-wife, but the bishop is helping him a lot. The best I can do is pray for him and show him my support. He just loves the gospel and is studying it daily. We even gave him pass-along cards in our last lesson. He got all excited and has already started passing them out to people he meets on the street. He is amazing and so excited to be a member of the church and will share it with anyone and everyone.

I don’t have too much time to write this week. I just want you to know that I am great. Even when things get hard and challenging the Lord strengthens and blesses us. Those are the times we grow closer to our Savior. I have learned so much about patience. Patience in the language, with my companion, with investigators, and just in the Lord’s timing. I know His timing is perfect and He has a plan for each one of us. He knows each one of us individually and personally. I love my Heavenly Father and I know He will bless and strengthen us when we practice our faith and patience in Him.
I love you all!!

Love, Soeur Hunt


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