Beautiful Christmas Week!

Me, Geraldine, Raida and Soeur Blanc

Me, Geraldine, Raida and Soeur Blanc

Soeur Blanc, Raida and Me

Soeur Blanc, Raida and Me

Hello my beautiful family and friends!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a great New Years this week. This last week was definitely one of the best weeks of my mission full of fun and happiness…and hard work:) I had a wonderful Christmas. A week full of caroling, sharing “He is the gift”, a Christmas party with my zone and mission president, teaching lessons, skyping with my family and eating lots of good food with members. The highlight of the week was definitely on Saturday when I was able to attend the baptisms of Geraldine and Raida.

It was the most beautiful baptism service I have ever attended. It was such special day. I felt the spirit so much at the baptism. I could feel the angels in heaven rejoicing for Geraldine and Raida and for their decision to enter the waters of baptism. When they walked in to the church you could tell both of them were a little nervous. Soeur Blanc and I tried to calm their nerves by taking selfies with Raida…haha! We then had a little practice and went to helped them change.

The program went really well with so many members involved by giving talks. A member of our ward, Fere Roy, who has only been a member for a year was able to baptize Geradine. Raida’s seminary teacher then baptized her. I was able to watch them be baptized and wait for them at the steps to wrap them up in their towels. It was such a special experience to see their smiling faces after the baptism and to be there to give them a hug right after.

I have seen the most amazing change in both Raida and Geradine. I will never forget my first day in the field teaching Geraldine. She has grown so much in her knowledge and love of this gospel. Her and Raida’s testimonies are already so strong. Yesterday, we went and talked to Geradine about the baptism. She told us that she feels like a burden was lifted off her shoulders. She is the most amazing example to me and her testimony strengthens mine. My love for their family is so great. When I think about them all I can do is smile. Some of Geradine’s other daughters came to the baptism. She is already being and example to so many.

Also, it was great to see our investigator Lucy attend. Our new investigator Leonie and her husband William came to the baptism too. Leonie and William were able to meet with the bishop again. The bishop is going to look for William’s records from Africa. Soeur Blanc and I have been able to teach he and his wife a lot this week. We have also been teaching Grace and her kids. It’s so fun teaching all these families from Africa. They have all become friends at church now. A great bonus now is we can take Geraldine and Raida to teach with us! 🙂

Well, I love you all. It was so good to talk with you on Christmas! I miss you so much and pray for you always. I am so thankful for this gospel and the blessings and miracles we see from living it. Embrace the gospel and live each day of your life. Merci for all your love and prayers!

Je vous aime beaucoup. Je vous souhaite une bonne semaine. Bonne Anée!!
avec amour toujours,

Soeur Hunt



He is the Gift

He is the Gift

Some of the sisters in my zone that I love!!

Some of the sisters in my zone that I love!!


Wow, has this last week ever been great! I have really been able to feel the Christmas spirit more than ever out in the mission field. It has been so fun finding new and fun ways to do missionary work. This last week we were able to go caroling with my awesome district, do service for others, and passing out lots of, “He is the Gift” cards.

Our ward put big boxes of food together for members that are in need and also for our investigators. We were able to deliver the boxes of food to our investigators. They were so thankful. It has been so heartwarming as we go sing to them and to see them so happy and thankful. I love feeling the Christmas spirit with them.

It has also been fun celebrating Christmas with my companion, Soeur Blanc. Her family never really celebrated Christmas, so she is having a lot of new experiences. She has been making sugar cookies with me, decorating, listening to Christmas music, and having her first Christmas tree (even if it is a tree for an elf)!

It has been fun to have this Christmas full of serving and loving others. A Christmas not worrying about what I am going to go buy for others or what I want for Christmas. What a joy it is to forget about myself and to go around looking for ways to make others happy, I love it.

I really don’t have too much to share this week, but I just want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I hope you all have a week full of love and joy. May you come to feel of the Savior’s love this week as you look for ways to share the true meaning of Christmas with all those around you. Our Heavenly Father gave us the most amazing gift, His only begotten Son so that we can all return to live with Him again some day. I invite you all to look for ways you can share the peace and happiness this message brings to you with all those around you. I love you all so much and wish you the best Christmas ever!!
Joyeux Noel!!
avec amour,

Une Belle Semaine

My District:)

My District:)

George and Grace's daughters

George and Grace’s daughters


This last week was just amazing! We had so many miracles. Soeur Blanc and I have really grown close to each other. As we both have been working as hard as we can. We have been putting our faith in the Lord and have witnessed so many miracles together.

First, I will tell you a story from this last week. We have been teaching Grace, her kids and her brother, George. They came to the ward Christmas party and then to church on Sunday. It was great:)

Grace gave us a referral when we were visiting at her home on Thursday evening. It was someone she had met that has just moved here from Africa. She said we should call him because he was interested in meeting us. She also said he has only been here for two weeks.

The next day we called him and he told us he wanted to meet with us right away. We told him about our english class at the chapel to be held the next day and also about the ward party. He said he would come.

The next day William came to our english class and we were able to meet him. We talked to him after the class and found out he is already a member of the church. He was baptized into the church 14 years ago while living in Africa. Because of the wars in Africa he moved and subsequently stopped going to church. He could never find the church in Africa again. He said that he has always been looking for it. His move from Africa to Canada relocated him just down the street from our church building. He said that he kept passing the chapel the last few weeks thinking it was a Catholic church. Then one day he noticed the sign in front of the church that read, Latter-day Saints. He was overcome with joy. This just so happened to be the same day we called him. He said he became so happy as we spoke to him. As we conversed on the phone he became so excited. He kept saying, “I found my church!” He told us that he had been looking for his church for 14 years. He is the kindest man I have ever met. He said, “You need to come to my house to teach me and my wife. You need to re-teach me everything.”

So last night Soeur Blanc and I taught William and his wife. It was the most amazing lesson. He wanted to hear both of our testimonies and why we decided to serve a mission. He then shared with us how the missionaries found him in Africa, his conversion story and his baptism story. His wife is also so kind. She doesn’t know anything about our church and is excited to learn. He kept thanking us over and over for coming to his home. He was so grateful that we could be there to teach him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the most humble and kind man I have ever met in my life. Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling good and I almost didn’t make it to their home to teach them. He said he would start praying for me everyday. He said, “If you can’t make it to see me, I will come to you.”

Gosh, I just love this couple, they are amazing!! I never thought I would be teaching so many people from Africa on my mission. The bishop met with William after the ward Christmas party. Now we just need to find his records from Africa.

Also, Geraldine and Redia passed their baptismal interview the other day! So we are still planning for their baptism on December 27th!!:)

Well, this last week has just been amazing. Canada has received so much snow this past week. It is beautiful!:) We had so much fun at our ward Christmas party. It was fun to have so many investigators attend. We were able to introduce them to many of our ward members. I am truly thankful to be able to do the Lord’s work each day. I love this work and I love the people of Quebec.

I hope you have a wonderful week. I love you all!:)

Avec amour,

Soeur Hunt

The Field is White and Ready to Harvest :)


Canada is finally covered in snow and there should be more coming this week:) I don’t know why, but when it snows it just makes me so happy. Maybe it is because it reminds me of Utah.

This week has been great. Last night we had so much fun. We went over to Grace and George’s to help them decorate their apartment for Noel. Soeur Blanc and I collected all the old Christmas decorations left behind from past missionaries in our apartment. We took them to the family and decorated their apartment. Afterwards we watched the church’s, “Joy to the World” video with them. The children were so happy and excited. Also, Grace came with her three little girls to church yesterday. They all said that they loved it. Now we just need to get George to church. It was so great seeing Geraldine helping Grace at church and trying to help her feel loved and comfortable. I was also able to talk to Redia about her upcoming baptism. She is so excited, I don’t think she can wait a minute longer. We are planning on inviting Grace and her family to Geraldine and Redia’s baptism. I can’t hardly wait for their baptism. It will be such a special experience.

We were able to teach Grace and her family twice this week. Unfortunately many of our other investigators were busy or out-of-town. So that meant lots of finding. As we were knocking door to door we were able to find some amazing people. They let us come in and teach. This is a miracle because that does not happen all the time. Most of them were english or spanish speaking though. We gave them off to the other missionaries which is great because we are all a part of the same amazing work.

Last night we were able to go over to a members house to watch the Christmas devotional. It was really nice and I loved it.

Oh, here is a funny story from this last week. I was able to try some more african food. We went and ate with one of our members, Agnes, who is from Africa. She made us some amazing food. Then last night when we were with Grace and George, I told George that I love african food. He went to the fridge and pulled out this weird dried seasoned little fish thing. It looked really gross, but he really wanted me to try it. He said it was his favorite. I put it in my mouth and I instantly regretted that decision. It was the worse thing I ever tasted. I wanted to spit it out so badly. The whole family was just laughing at me…haha!

Well, things are going great with Soeur Blanc and I. We will still be with each other for this next transfer here in Lemoyne. I am excited to keep working with her. The Lord is truly blessing us as we have the opportunity to be teaching so many families right now. I am so thankful for all He gives me and I know this is His work. We truly are just instruments in His hands as He works miracles through us. I hope you all have a great week.
Je vous aime beaucoup!

Avec amour,

Soeur Hunt


Bonjour ma famille!:)

I loved seeing all your pictures from Thanksgiving! It made me so happy to see the family together. My Thanksgiving was definitely a lot different. On Thanksgiving day I did an exchange with the Sister Training Leaders and spent the day in another area in Longueuil. We went out to eat to a restaurant with a member. It is a really popular restaurant here called,”Scores”, but it’s really not that good.

Here is a funny story from our exchanges. We visited a less active lady in the ward who is super nice and talks forever…ha! Her heart was set on singing a Celine Dion song with us before the lesson. She promised us that if we sang, “My Heart will go on” with her she would come to church on Sunday. So that evening while I was singing Celine Dion with a less active you were probably eating turkey all the way back in Colorado…haha!

The exciting news from this week is Geraldine and Redia accepted a baptismal date!!:) They are getting baptized on the 27th of December. The week of Christmas! I am so happy for them. Geraldine is so happy and excited! We had a Relief Society activity this last weekend with the ward and she was so excited to tell everyone about her baptism. What was also great is our new investigator, Grace, from Congo came to the activity. Geraldine and Grace immediately became friends! Geraldine gave her a big hug and said, “you will love this church, you can feel so much love here.”

The Relief Society activity was so much fun. Along with Grace, our new investigator that we found last week our other investigator Lucy came. It was great to see the ward becoming friends with our investigators. Also, this last Sunday two of our other investigators Paula and Fernando came to church. It was the Primary program this last Sunday and they just loved it! Both of them said they would be back next Sunday.

Soeur Blanc and I feel so blessed. This last week we have been praying and fasting that our investigators could start coming to church. Some of them finally made it and we were so happy. Another blessing was seeing our recent convert, Daniel passing the sacrament:)

Grace and her brother George were not able to make it to Sacrament meeting this last Sunday because Grace is super sick. Last night we went over to her house with the Elders and they gave her a blessing. She was sick the night she went to the Relief Society activity, but she didn’t tell. She said that she didn’t want to make us feel bad. Keep her in your prayers that she will feel better.

We did start teaching the family this last week. We taught Grace, her brother George and the three little girls. It is difficult because the little girls only speak english. So we teach George and Grace in french and the little girls in english. We taught the little girls how to pray last week. When we went to their home last night the first thing they said to us is, “we prayed before we went to bed last night!” They were so excited to tell us. George is trying to teach us their african language…ha it’s fun! Grace is 27, George is 30 and then the three little girls are ages 11, 8 and 5.

Our other really progressing investigators right now are Paula and Fernando. I am sorry for talking about all these people you don’t really know. It is just funny because they are on my mind 24 seven.

I want to leave you with my testimony on prayer. This last week when we went to the Relief Society activity, all of sudden I felt so sick. My stomach ached and I was in so much pain. I was so sad because I didn’t want to go home with all of our investigators there. I was sitting on the bathroom floor in the church building in so much pain with my companion. I said we need to say a prayer, I need help. Soeur Blanc and I knelt down in prayer in the church bathroom asking for Him to help me feel better. After the prayer the pain didn’t go away right away, but He gave me the strength I needed to make it back to the activity. Then slowly throughout the night the pain left. I think that is how it is with prayer. You don’t always get your answers or the help you need all at once, but He will give us the strength we need to endure our trials and weaknesses. As we continue in faith He will answer us. I know our Heavenly Father always hears and answers all our prayers. We just need to remember to accept His timing and to be patient.

Well, I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!


Soeur Hunt