Une Belle Semaine

My District:)

My District:)

George and Grace's daughters

George and Grace’s daughters


This last week was just amazing! We had so many miracles. Soeur Blanc and I have really grown close to each other. As we both have been working as hard as we can. We have been putting our faith in the Lord and have witnessed so many miracles together.

First, I will tell you a story from this last week. We have been teaching Grace, her kids and her brother, George. They came to the ward Christmas party and then to church on Sunday. It was great:)

Grace gave us a referral when we were visiting at her home on Thursday evening. It was someone she had met that has just moved here from Africa. She said we should call him because he was interested in meeting us. She also said he has only been here for two weeks.

The next day we called him and he told us he wanted to meet with us right away. We told him about our english class at the chapel to be held the next day and also about the ward party. He said he would come.

The next day William came to our english class and we were able to meet him. We talked to him after the class and found out he is already a member of the church. He was baptized into the church 14 years ago while living in Africa. Because of the wars in Africa he moved and subsequently stopped going to church. He could never find the church in Africa again. He said that he has always been looking for it. His move from Africa to Canada relocated him just down the street from our church building. He said that he kept passing the chapel the last few weeks thinking it was a Catholic church. Then one day he noticed the sign in front of the church that read, Latter-day Saints. He was overcome with joy. This just so happened to be the same day we called him. He said he became so happy as we spoke to him. As we conversed on the phone he became so excited. He kept saying, “I found my church!” He told us that he had been looking for his church for 14 years. He is the kindest man I have ever met. He said, “You need to come to my house to teach me and my wife. You need to re-teach me everything.”

So last night Soeur Blanc and I taught William and his wife. It was the most amazing lesson. He wanted to hear both of our testimonies and why we decided to serve a mission. He then shared with us how the missionaries found him in Africa, his conversion story and his baptism story. His wife is also so kind. She doesn’t know anything about our church and is excited to learn. He kept thanking us over and over for coming to his home. He was so grateful that we could be there to teach him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the most humble and kind man I have ever met in my life. Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling good and I almost didn’t make it to their home to teach them. He said he would start praying for me everyday. He said, “If you can’t make it to see me, I will come to you.”

Gosh, I just love this couple, they are amazing!! I never thought I would be teaching so many people from Africa on my mission. The bishop met with William after the ward Christmas party. Now we just need to find his records from Africa.

Also, Geraldine and Redia passed their baptismal interview the other day! So we are still planning for their baptism on December 27th!!:)

Well, this last week has just been amazing. Canada has received so much snow this past week. It is beautiful!:) We had so much fun at our ward Christmas party. It was fun to have so many investigators attend. We were able to introduce them to many of our ward members. I am truly thankful to be able to do the Lord’s work each day. I love this work and I love the people of Quebec.

I hope you have a wonderful week. I love you all!:)

Avec amour,

Soeur Hunt


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