In front of our apartment this morning. Trying to get the "Frozen" effect.

In front of our apartment this morning. Trying to get the “Frozen” effect.

 2 degrees out in the cold one night knocking on doors.

2 degrees out in the cold one night knocking on doors.

Salut mes amies et famille!!:)

I hope you all had a wonderful week and had a great New Years day. Canada weather has been crazy these last few days full of snow and freezing rain. Everything is frozen outside. It is crazy, but is actually really pretty. It is just a little scary to drive in sometimes. Today it is supposed to get down to -17… wish me luck! The cold is just starting to come.

Wow, this last week has been filled with many more miracles for the Lemoyne ward. I would like to share with you the story of our new investigator, Martin, from this past week.

I met Martin way back in September. Every first Wednesday of the month Soeur Hinkson and I would go eat with a ward member. Her name is Soeur Lemble. She is a single lady who has ward members or people she knows come stay in her home. They pay rent to live there.  One day we went to dinner and met Martin. He had just begun staying with her every Wednesday night for work. He works for the 1st counselor in the Lemoyne ward bishopric. He is friends with many ward members, but is not a member himself. When I met him he already knew all about Utah, had read the entire Gospel Principles book and read a little in the Book of Mormon. Soeur Hinkson and I got a little excited. We asked him if we could start teaching him, but he kindly declined. Slowly, we became his friend.  We would eat dinner with him, send him friendly texts that wished him a good day or made him cookies with notes.  Then one Sunday I went to church and saw Martin sitting up front. I pretty much exploded with joy when I saw him. I think I embarrassed him a little…haha! The ward members started working with him by just being his friend, inviting him to activities and sharing their testimonies with him. Fre´re Salm, the 1st counselor said he came up to him at work one day and said he had noticed something different in the members of the church and he wanted to know why. The next Sunday he went to church. Since then he hasn’t missed a day at church. I wanted so badly to start teaching him, but he was assigned into the Elders area. Something told me just to be patient and he would tell me when he was ready.

This last Friday we got a call from Martin. He asked us if we could teach him the 6 missionary lessons because he is ready to be taught. Technically the Elders should teach him, but he said he wants the sisters to teach him. He said that he feels he can trust us and that we care about him. I was literally jumping up and down after we got off the phone with him! I have a great love for Martin. He is the kindest guy and has so much potential. It has been amazing to see his desire to learn about the gospel change over the last four months.  It is also cool to see the ward members really welcome him and make him feel at home.

This experience has shown me that by small and simple things, great things come to past!  You never know who is watching, what one little smile may do or how being an example of Jesus Christ might mean to someone.

Also, this last week we found out great news for William the African who was baptized 14 years ago, but recently found the church again. They found his records and all his baptismal information! He was so happy when they told him. We continue to reteach him and teach his wife, Leonie. It is so cool to see how strong William’s testimony is after so many years. He said he would be baptized again if he had to because he knows this church is true.  It was a great Sunday to be with William, Leonie, Grace, and Martin at church.  Soeur Blanc and I were truly blessed this last week.  I am so thankful for the blessings our Heavenly Father gives us each day. Even when things are hard and we feel like giving up, we can always have hope and faith. It can keep us going by knowing the Lord is with us and will always bless us. I love you all and wish you the best week.


Soeur Hunt


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