It’s sooo COLD!



Well, hello my beautiful family and friends!

This last week has been full of bundling up for the cold. It got really cold this last week and of course the night it got the coldest was when Soeur Blanc and I were outside trying to find people to teach. At one point it got so cold we ran back to our car to turn the heat on high. At the same time I think the Savior is truly blessing me because I think my body is slowly adjusting to the cold temperatures.

This last week has been a little crazy. We traveled to downtown Montreal several times. Once to repair the car from when I put the dent in the hood and broke off the antenna. I still don’t know how that garage door came down on me backing out of the garage…haha! We also made a trip into Montreal to take Soeur Blanc to the doctor. It all went well. I don’t like driving in downtown Montreal though. Trying to find a place to park can be an ordeal. I am sooo grateful for GPS.

We had an awesome miracle while we were waiting in the doctor’s office for Soeur Blanc. While we were in the waiting room we saw a couple who kept looking back at us. We were never able to talk to them because the doctor called us back. While waiting in the exam room we could hear a lady outside ask the doctor if she could talk to us. She then came in with her husband to say, hello. She asked us in her broken english if we were missionaries. Ha! As we spoke with her we found out that she moved here from Russia just three weeks ago. She then said that she has been looking for the church in Montreal. She had a baby a week ago and was there to visit the doctor with her husband. She said she was so happy when she saw us. We were able to talk to her and her husband for a little bit and give them the address of the church and the number for the missionaries in downtown Montreal. She said she became a member in Russia. We asked her husband if he was member and he said, “not yet!” Ha! I said, “perfect response.” It is little miracles like that, which are truly tender mercies from the Lord.

We were able to teach Martin this last week. The lesson went so well as we were able to teach with Frere Salm. We are also still teaching Grace and her kids. She is going through a lot right now and needs a lot of help. Please keep her in your prayers!

Also, we have also been teaching William and Leonie. We were able to ask Leonie again about baptism. She said she is praying about it right now. We did find some interesting news about Leonie and William. They are not married. We find this a little funny because Soeur Blanc and I felt like we should teach them the Law of Chasity this last week. We decided not to because we thought it would be weird. It just goes to show that we need to always follow those promptings of the spirit. Hopefully we can find a way to teach that lesson with love and the spirit.

Everything is just going dandy up in Canada. Loving the Lord’s work. This next week is transfer calls so we will see what will happen with that. I would be happy with staying in Lemoyne, but I will go where the Lord calls me.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.


Soeur Hunt


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