Changes…mixed feelings :)

Bundled up and ready to serve!

Bundled up and ready to serve!

Bonjour Ma Famille! 🙂

Well, some of you guessed right. I am being transferred from Lemoyne this week. Gosh, I’ve never thought about how hard it would be to be transferred. It feels like I am saying goodbye to family all over again.

This last weekend has been filled with many tears as I have been saying goodbye to ward members, investigators, and missionaries in my district. I guess I feel like my mission is ending because Lemoyne was my first area. These people have became my second family and I love them all so much. Though I hope to see all these people again, I know it won’t ever be the same. I have many more goodbyes to give before Wednesday morning….so hard. A ward member came up to me at church yesterday and said, “You can’t leave, you’re a member of our ward now!” I was asked to come back someday with my family and to give a talk in the ward. 🙂

I am being transferred to a little town called Sherbrooke. It is not too far from Quebec City. It is about an hour and half drive north from where I am right now. This means a little colder and a little more snow! I am super excited to go up there to begin meeting and teaching new people! 🙂 It is actually in the same stake that I have been serving in. I have been called to be a trainer again. My new greenie and I will be taking the place of two elders in Sherbrooke. I am a little nervous to be flushing in the area (that is what we call two new missionaries going into a new area) with a greenie. It will be a fun and new experience. 🙂

This week has been such a blessing. It has been filled with some of the most amazing lessons with our investigators, Grace, Martin, and Paula. I see this as a little gift from my Heavenly Father before I part from Lemoyne. It is so hard to leave these amazing people that are so close to my heart.

Saturday night we were able to go to the Young Women’s New Beginnings program in our ward. We were able to see Raida bear her testimony for the first time. It was just beautiful. She told the story of Soeur Hinkson and I and how we started teaching her. Hearing her bear her testimony was such a gift.

Yes, it will also be so hard to say goodbye to Soeur Blanc. I love her. Man, missions are hard in so many different ways.

I hope you know how much I love you and miss you all. Keep finding ways to share your light with others. Never be ashamed to share your testimony of your Savior, Jesus Christ and His Church with those around you. Have a great week! 🙂

Au revoir,

Soeur Hunt


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