J’aime Sherbrooke!

Welcoming Sister Leon to Montreal

Welcoming Sister Leon to Montreal

Grace in her african dress

Grace in her african dress

Grace's little girls

Grace’s little girls

Saying goodbye to Geraldine and Raida

Saying goodbye to Geraldine and Raida


This last week has literally been the craziest week of my mission! So many changes and new things. The first half of the week consisted of many goodbyes to my Lemoyne family and investigators. I am going to miss them so much, but I know it is not a final goodbye with many of them. I had some of the most amazing lessons before I left with our investigators, Grace and Martin. Martin was kind of upset when he found out I was leaving. He requested to have one more lesson before I left. That night we taught all of the restoration. We then set a baptismal date with him for February 14th!:) It was a good last lesson in Lemoyne. Now I am just praying that I can find a way to make it to his baptism.

We had transfers on Wednesday and I have my new companion Sister Leon;) She is straight from the MTC. Her home is in Georgia, but her parents are from Mexico and Peru. Yes, she speaks spanish. She is the cutest thing and I already love her so much. I can tell we are going to work really well together. It is really weird because this is the first companion I have had where I am helping her with her french and it is not the other way around. I just hope I am teaching her correct french! It is exciting to be in a new area working with a new companion, but it is also super hard! This last week has been a lot of adjusting and trying to figure things out­. We have gotten lost this last week even with a GPS. It has been challenging trying to figure out who all the people are and how things work.

Sherbrooke is so beautiful!! I love it. There are more trees, mountains(compared to Utah more like little hills), and cute little neighborhoods and small towns. I could just sell everything and buy one of these cute old vintage houses. The great thing about Sherbrooke is the amazing ward! This ward was literally sister missionary hungry. They haven’t had sisters serve in their ward for a year. Last week when they announced sisters were coming to Sherbrooke there were literally shouts of joy from the congregation during sacrament meeting:) We had the warmest welcome from ward members, especially from our ward mission leader and the bishop’s family. I guess the bishop has been begging for sister missionaries for the last year. He said he was so excited when he got the news. We ate with the bishop and his family last night. He is so amazing and ready to put all his efforts into missionary work in Sherbrooke. He and his wife feel like my new mission parents. This ward just loves the sisters, it’s the best! Sunday was definitely just what I needed. With all the stress of figuring things out this last week, to go and meet the ward and see how excited they were to see us just made my whole week.

It looks like we have lots of work to do in Sherbrooke. Sister Leon and I will be starting from the bottom and working our way up. We don’t have too many investigators or less actives to work with at the moment, but I am excited to find new people to teach. They are launching the most amazing ward mission plan in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to be a part of it. I can tell this ward is so ready to start working and helping as much as they can in missionary efforts..it’s exciting!

Things are a little different out in Sherbrooke. Since there is only one ward it is a combined french, english, and spanish speaking ward. This is crazy! For example, yesterday the gospel principles class was taught in half french and half english. All the services are in french and they do translating into english. This gets crazy because my mission leader doesn’t speak any french. A few times we translated for him. Sherbrooke is just a mix of everything. It also has a little more snow and is a little colder. Another thing that is super different is our area is huge! A lot of people we teach live 40 miles away. Which requires us to drive to another town called, Stanstead. It is an hour drive and located on the U.S. border.

I am super excited to start working in this new area. I know this is where I am supposed to be. If there is one thing I have learned this week is “charity never faileth!” We are just loving and serving this ward and I know we will see miracles here. I am doing great and I love my new companion. I hope you all have a great week. I love and miss you all so much.

Con amor, Hermana Hunt (This is for my new companion. She is going to teach me spanish!)


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