Selfie in the church bathroom. I love my companion!

Selfie in the church bathroom. I love my companion!

Tracting out in the snow. I love Canada!

Tracting out in the snow. I love Canada!

More tracting in the cold weather.

More tracting in the cold weather.



This last week has really been so great and full of blessings and experiences. I guess the most exciting news is that we have another set of missionaries here in Sherbrooke! Soeur and Elder Peterson from Utah. They live right underneath our apartment. It is the best. They are the sweetest couple ever and they feel like my parents. Yesterday, Soeur Peterson made homemade bread that tasted just like mom’s. It made our whole apartment building smell of home:) Also, Elder Peterson served in the Belgium French speaking mission just like dad! So he knows French, but Soeur Peterson is learning. This is so awesome because this makes three sets of missionaries serving in our one ward. I feel like the work is really going to progress here, I can just feel it.

The week started off really slow, but then it really picked up. This weekend was full of lessons(finally, ha!), dinner appointments with members, and finding more people to teach. We had some amazing lessons with some old investigators and some new ones from our finding the last week. We had an amazing first lesson with our new investigators Romero from El Salvador, Mohammad from Iran, Bernadette from Africa and our other investigator Louise.

I think the coolest experience was probably with Louise. We were able to teach her for the first time. We were able to get to know her, her background and then talk a lot about the Book of Mormon with her. She told us how she found the missionaries during one of the hardest times in her life. One day she was praying for God to give her a sign. Literally right after she got home and walked in her door she had a knock on her door and saw two elders standing there. Since then she has been learning with the missionaries for about a year. She struggles with a lot of different things because she is currently fighting cancer. After our lesson yesterday I felt prompted to ask her if she wanted a blessing. She quickly accepted and then said this was exactly what she needed. We went back with the elders and another ward member. We were able to give her and her mother a blessing. It was such a powerful experience and her apartment was full of the spirit. Louise has so much faith and really feels God has answered so many of her prayers through the church. She just needs to put her faith into action! I am really excited to help Louise and help her change her life around through the gospel!

One crazy thing is that we have been finding so many people who only speak Spanish!! This is a blessing because Soeur Leon speaks Spanish, but this becomes super hard for me! Soeur Leon is going to teach me how to bear my testimony in Spanish! I am so excited!! Also, all the Latinos in our ward have been inviting us over. I have finally had real Mexican food on my mission!! I have not eaten Mexican food in soo long. Since I have been around a lot of Spanish people this last week I feel like a greenie again, not knowing how to speak the language or understand anything. It’s okay though, it is so fun and I love them!

We are also getting super involved by teaching in our ward meetings. We teach about missionary work for 5 minutes every Sunday in Relief Society and then right after that we go into Young Women’s and help there. This is because I need to translate for one of the young women who only speaks English. I love being back in Young Women’s. It is so fun! The young women in this ward are so amazing and have the sweetest spirit about them. I love them so much already. The missionaries here are a lot more involved in meeting with the whole ward council and talking about missionary work, it’s so great!

This last week has really been full of so many great experiences. I wish I had time to write them all down. Also, it is snowing so much!! I literally was climbing through a mountain of snow to get into the church building to write you all. It is so pretty and I love it. Everything is just going great in Sherbrooke and I love the people, the ward, and my companion. I just feel so blessed.

I would like to leave you all with a spiritual thought. This last week I have really been studying what it takes to become a consecrated missionary and how to become one. I was studying about obedience. I learned a lot about how it doesn’t just require you to change your behavior, but asking God to help you change your nature. If you only change your behavior then you will be the same person you were when you left home, subject to the same problems that plagued you then. If we learn to change our nature we will go home a new man or woman with the power and discipline to conquer our old Goliaths. “A consecrated nature will cause us to be obedient, not because we have to, but because we want to. Such a nature may cause us to change the music we listen to, talk more positive, or to be more exact in following the morning schedule… we will have an overarching burning desire to do the Lord’s will not our own.” That has just really helped me this last week and I know it just doesn’t just apply to missionaries, but everyone. If only we could all see the commandments as a list of blessings rather than a list of restraints. I know obedience brings to pass blessings and amazing miracles in our lives. As we learn to not only change our behavior, but instead our nature, we will find ourselves acting and loving as the Savior would and have a desire to always be doing the Lord’s will.

Well, I love you all sooo much!!! I hope you have a beautiful week!

avec amour, Soeur Hunt


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