La Foi

Snowshoeing on our last P-day with Sister Leon.

Snowshoeing on our last P-day with Sister Leon.


Je vous aime beaucoup!

Je vous aime beaucoup!

I love my companion!

I love my companion!

Bonjour tout le monde!!:)

This last week up in Sherbrooke has been amazing. It has been full of so many trials and so many miracles. I truly feel blessed to be a part of this great work.

I am super jealous of the warm weather you have been having back home because it is just freezing up here! Some nights it is hard just to walk outside for more than 5 minutes. It has been even harder this week because I had a really bad cold and my nose would just burn every time we were outside walking. There were a couple of nights that I had to stay home and rest so I could get better. My cold is almost gone and all is well now. I have learned that dressing warm is the secret to surviving this cold weather.

This last week Soeur Leon and I did a lot of driving!! We drove to Montreal one day for a trainers meeting. That is a 2 hour drive in and then a 2 hour drive back. That same night we drove out to a little town called Coaticook to visit some less actives. We were literally 15 minutes away from the U.S. border. It was weird to think how close I was to the United States. I really love going out to all the little towns around Sherbrooke. They are all so cute and vintage.

This last week has been hard trying to find people to teach and visit. The beginning of the week was so slow and it seemed like nobody had time to see us. This meant lots of knocking doors and trying to contact old investigators. I think Soeur Leon and I were getting a little discouraged. I woke up Friday morning and knew something had to change and it was us!! We were lacking way too much faith. We were expecting the Lord to perform miracles through us with no faith behind our actions. Soeur Leon and I sat down that day and evaluated everything from our work, our area, and our companionship. From there we set goals and just went to work. The next two days which were, Saturday and Sunday, we put our complete trust in the Lord for Him to guide us. We found so much joy in the Lord’s work. We have seen so many little miracles the last two days. We found a new investigator who is super interested. We taught an investigator that we finally made contact with and had an amazing lesson full of the spirit. Both of them were from Africa as usual…haha! We also made contact with some less actives in the ward. Yes, we pretty much tried to teach anyone who would listen to our message.

That is why last week has been one of the hardest weeks of my mission and probably one of the best.  I am thankful for the trials and struggles that we experience in this life. It is the only way that we can grow and progress and become more like Jesus Christ. We truly can find joy and peace even in the hardest times of our life. Only through using the atonement in our life can we feel the peace and strength we need to keep going.

Well, I hope you know I love you all and I am always praying for you. I hope you have a beautiful week and look for the good in all things.

“For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore he showed not himself until after their faith.” Ether 12:12

avec beaucoup d`amour,

Soeur Hunt


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