Une Belle Semaine!

The balloons we spent forever blowing up to use for a game with the youth.

The balloons we spent forever blowing up to use for a game with the youth.

The wonderful youth in our ward!

The wonderful youth in our ward!

My perfect omelet that I was a little too proud of.

My perfect omelet that I was a little too proud of.

Studying on our ghetto couch.

Studying on our ghetto couch.

Hello my beautiful family and friends! ūüôā

Last week was so great and so busy and full of fun and miracles. This last weekend we had our zone conference. It was absolutely amazing and powerful. I learned so much and I am so excited. The work is truly changing and hastening here in our mission. This powerful conference was led by our mission president and our stake president. They spoke about how we are going to change the way we do missionary work. The change is how we work with members and how there is no division in the work anymore. We are all a part of the same great work. You don’t have member missionary work on one side and missionary on the other, it’s all the same! It was so cool to see the stake president and the mission president working together to really help the hastening in our mission. I wish I could share and write everything I learned from the meeting, but then I would be writing a novel.

We also had a really fun activity with the youth on Saturday to introduce the new theme for the year. We played several fun games together as we introduced it. Soeur Leon and I were able to do a lot of the preparation for the activity in our free time. It was so fun being with the youth. I felt like I was in Young Women’s again. It made me miss all the young women back home:)

We had some amazing lessons with our investigators, Louise and Maryl√©ne this last week. We haven’t been able to have a lesson with them for a while. Maryl√©ne is married to a less active in our ward and they have a little boy and girl who are so cute. We were able to sit down with the whole family and teach them the restoration. It was a great lesson. I love teaching families;) We then had a lesson with Louise and talked a lot about baptism, her beliefs and worries with the church. It was great to be able to see them this last week. We also had tons of lessons with less actives and recent converts. It felt great to be able to teach more lessons this last weekend.

We also had a great experience contacting a potential on our list. We had a great visit and lesson with her. She is from Africa and has a beautiful big family. They were so open and she invited us to come back to teach them more. The spirit was so strong in our lesson that she could not stop crying. ¬†Later that night we went contacting and didn’t have too much luck. ¬†The one door we knocked on was the worst door contact I have ever had.¬†¬†We began by speaking in French. ¬†The man at the door then asked if we would speak in English because his French was not that good. ¬†So I then start speaking English and he asks, “is that English?” Soeur Leon tries again by talking really slow. She asked him if he had a belief in Jesus Christ. He responds, “obviously not, I told you my name was Mohammad.” Then he asks what we are doing here even though we already told him. We tell him we are missionaries and explain more. We ask him if he would like to learn more. Then he asks, “how can you teach me more about machinery?” He didn’t know what the word missionary meant and he thought we had been saying, “machinery” the whole time we were talking to him. He was confused and it was so awkward. We ended up giving him a Mormon.org card and told him he could visit the website and call us if he had any questions. It was the worst. I guess you had to be there to see how awkward it was.

This last week has been so great though. I finished my first transfer in Sherbrooke and it feels so good. I feel a hundred times more comfortable with the area and members. My testimony is so strong.  The time is NOW for members and missionaries to work together not tomorrow or in 4 years from now, but today! The Lord has prepared the means in many different ways, but now is the time to act together in faith. I hope you remember how much I love you all, but even more how much your Heavenly Father loves you. `
Have a great week.

Love always,

Soeur Hunt


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