Miracles in Sherbrooke!

I need this sign!

I need this sign!

In Canada they have Bubble Gum, Birthday Cake, Superman, and Cotton Candy ice cream all in one store...all my favs!

In Canada they have Bubble Gum, Birthday Cake, Superman, and Cotton Candy ice cream all in one store…all my favs!

Tout le Monde!

This last week has been full of so many miracles. I don’t even think I have time to write them all to you! I will start with the most exciting one. It just makes me giddy inside. This last Friday morning, Soeur Leon and I were doing our weekly planning by setting goals and praying that we would find new investigators to teach. Just then we received a text on our phone from the zone leaders telling us that they had a media referral for us. Sister Leon and I decided that we would go contact our referral later that night after our lessons. The crazy thing about this referral is that he lives in the neighborhood that we have been knocking this whole last transfer. It is where all the college students live that attend the University of Sherbrooke. During our third week here in Sherbrooke both Sister Leon and I felt the strongest impression that there was someone prepared there ready for the gospel. Whenever we had free time we would always go contacting in this area. We had a lot of good contacts with college students who would listen, but none of them would ever show genuine interest in our message. Our next street to knock was rue Cabana. Believe it or not that is where our media referral, Valli, lives.

Finding his actual apartment was a little scary. We did not have his apartment number so we just had to pick a door and knock. The apartment building was dark and the lights were not really working and it looked really ghetto. Well, the first door we knocked, we found him! Wow, and is he ever amazing! His name is Valli and he is from India. He met the Mormon missionaries in Switzerland the week before moving to Canada. He was sitting on the train and got contacted by the missionaries there. He instantly wanted to learn more. They gave him a pass along card. During his first week here in Canada he went online and requested to learn more. When we got to his door he was almost jumping for joy. He said, “I thought the church forgot about me because I have been waiting for a response for two and half weeks now.” We visited with him for about 30 minutes. We discovered many different thing about Valli. He is here in Canada for an internship in Nano technology… in other words he is a genius. He was so excited when he found out there was a church building in Sherbrooke. He then asked, “can I come to church this Sunday?!!” We were just jumping for joy at this point. I think Soeur Leon and I said, “we are so excited for you” like 10 times. He probably said`it 10 times back so it was okay.

He came to church yesterday, had an amazing experience and loved it. He said that he felt like he was part of family and he wanted to come back. We had our first lesson with him later that evening. We taught with the most amazing family in our ward, the Barrios family. Soeur Barrios is the Young Women’s president that I work with. Sister Leon and I love them both dearly. Even though we felt we should take them to the lesson we knew that Valli only speaks English and the Soeur Barrios mostly speaks French and Spanish. It worked out well because her husband translated for her. Wow, the lesson went so amazing and the spirit was so strong. The Barrios’ changed the whole lesson. Their testimonies were so powerful and it was so needed in our lesson. I am so thankful for member missionaries!! We had such an amazing lesson with him. He is interested in learning more and he has truly been prepared by the Lord. He said that he has felt really lonely as he has been traveling through Europe and going to college there. He said attending church has made him feel part of a family. In broken English, Soeur Barrios said, “well, you can be part of our family if you let us!” As we concluded the Barrios’s invited Valli to come to their home for the next lesson. I could just see how happy Valli was. So that was our big miracle for the week. Valli is amazing, end of story. After saying goodbye to Valli, Soeur Leon, Soeur Barrios and I literally started screaming and jumping for joy. Brother Barrios was embarrassed and said, “stop that, people are going to think we have been drinking!”

We also had an amazing experience the other night actually right before we found Valli. We were walking down the street to go visit someone when something in me said, “talk to that guy getting out of his car.” Thinking that we would be late for our appointment, I ignored it and kept walking. When we got to the apartment no one was home. As we were walking back the guy we passed was standing right in front of his car. I just knew we had to talk to him. As we spoke with him, he instantly knew our church. He is from Haiti and he had heard about the church before. He told us he would love to meet with us and learn more about the church. He gave us his number to make an appointment!

The last miracle I would like to share for the week would have to be our amazing ward council. I know that sounds weird to say as a miracle, but it was. Our mission president and stake president have been giving a lot of counsel on how ward council should go and what should be happening. It has been a struggle to get the mind set of the leaders to change. Our last ward council meeting was amazing. We started this program in our ward called 5-5-5. This is where the different auxiliaries contact less actives and ask them if they would like missionary lessons. They then pass them over to the missionaries if they are interested. It actually happened for Soeur Leon and I. We have 3 new less actives to go visit now! Also, we received visiting teaching assignments too! We we are just on cloud 9 with all these new people to got visit and teach!!

Well, all I can say is the Lord has truly poured out His blessing upon us this last week. I am so extremely happy! I love this work. I know this gospel is the most important thing in my life. The love of God and the power of the restored gospel are redemptive and saving. God’s love and His gospel can dress any wound, heal any hurt, and soften any sorrow. We are closer to heaven than we think! We are destined for more than we can possibly imagine! I love this gospel and the joy and comfort it has brought into my life and family. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Avec amour,

Soeur Hunt


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