Busy, busy week!

This is what spring looks like in Canada!

This is what spring looks like in Canada!

Our Apartment Building

Our Apartment Building

The parking lot behind our apartment.

The parking lot behind our apartment.

Cleaning off the car!

Cleaning off the car!

Salut everyone!

I hope you all had a beautiful week! This last week just flew by. It was a full week of lessons, fun activities and meetings. By the way it looks nothing like spring here. It is completely white and super cold. Yesterday it took us five minutes just to get our car doors open… maybe that is because we are weak though. All I have to say is I am praying for spring weather to get here quick!

Our week started off with some pretty amazing lessons with Valli and another investigator by the name of Bernadette. Bernadette is from Africa and has three kids. We had a lesson with her on how the gospel blesses families and on the blessings of prayer. It has taken us a while to begin teaching her. She has been really busy. She was previously taught by the elders.  Our second lesson with her went so great! The spirit was so strong in the lesson. When the elders were working with her they were only teaching Bernadette.  We asked if we could start teaching her and her family together. She was so excited for her family to learn too. I love her so much she is the kindest lady. I am looking forward to teaching her and her family:)

We also had an amazing lesson with our new investigator, Valli.  One lesson was with the bishop’s wife. Valli is truly amazing. He understands everything and loves to read any assignment we give him. He keeps all his commitments. He was reading and praying everyday before we even invited him. He has not missed a week of church since we started teaching him. We have been talking a lot about baptism with him and right now he is praying for an answer. One night we went with Valli to a member’s house for dinner and had a lesson afterwards. It was such a great night. Valli  connects with pretty much anyone and everyone because he is such a friendly and happy person. It was great being with one of our favorite families in the ward as we taught Valli. I love seeing the members becoming more and more involved in missionary work.

Also, this last week we started teaching this older lady named Cybal. She has been coming to church for the last few weeks and now we have begun to teach her. She is sooo sweet.  I absolutely lover her. She is  78 years old and I think she just adopted me as her grandchild. She LOVES Soeur Leon and I. She calls us her princesses and angels. On our first lesson she told us that she is planning on being baptized someday. Her son is already a member and lives in Montreal. I am super excited to be teaching her.

We had a zone conference this last week. I learned so much at this meeting. Later that night we were able to join the young women for an activity at the church. We played games and had lots of fun. I love the young women and spending time with them.

The best day of the week by far was yesterday. Soeur Leon and I had a great Sunday.  It was a day of little miracles. First, a lady at church came up to us and told us about a friend that she knows from school. She discovered that her friend joined the church while she was living in Columbia. She asked us to start praying for her friend.  Later this week we are going over to her house to help her write her testimony in Spanish. She plans on giving this to her friend and inviting her to church. Also, Valli and Cybal came to church too:) At the end of Sacrament meeting Valli told me how he has read the first two pamphlets we gave him all the way through twice. The only thing he was confused on was exactly what the word Atonement means. I tried to explain a little to him, but we didn’t have much time.  As we walked into gospel principles together we could see written on the board, “The Atonement.”  Valli was amazed!  He looked at me and said, “that is no coincidence.” Then Soeur Leon and I were able to teach our first lesson in Young Women’s. It was kind of funny because we were teaching in both French and English.  We only had two young women there. One was French-speaking and the other was English-speaking. Our lesson was, “How can the Atonement help me through my trials?”  It was a beautiful lesson and the spirit was felt. I love teaching them.  After church we had a big ward potluck. It was so fun being with the ward members and seeing our investigators getting along so well with everyone. I truly love this ward and all the people. Sherbrooke is becoming home for me.

Later that night we had another lesson with Valli. It was with Elder and Soeur Petersen, the missionary couple that lives below us. We taught all about the plan of salvation.  We talked with Valli about how his scripture study and praying is going. At the end of the lesson I promised him that if he keeps reading and praying that his desire will continue to grow and he will receive an answer. He stopped me to say that he is so amazed how much his desire has grown since we started teaching him. He said at first he was just kind of curious about the church, but now he wants to know everything. He said that he loves it all.  He feels like he has known these things all his life, but now he has the spirit confirming to him. He then started crying. The spirit was so strong. He literally spends all his free time reading and studying. He is just thirsting for the gospel. I am so thankful to be able to teach him. I love him so much:)

The only downer this week has been that my companion has been really sick with a cold. It is funny when I will be in the middle of teaching someone and Soeur Leon will just be blowing her nose..haha! I love her and I am trying my best to take care of her.

I want to bear my testimony again on the power of prayer and scripture study! They may seem so little and not so important some days, but I know we should be doing it daily! My love for the scriptures has grown so much since I started my mission. I can’t go a day without reading them.  We must combine it with prayer. The two together will give us the strength we need everyday. It is not just reading, but studying the scriptures and it is not just praying, but talking with our Heavenly Father like He is our father. “In some sense prayer may be the hardest work we ever will engage in and perhaps it should be.” Through the two, God can speak to us and we can feel His love for us. Just remember to never forget the power of daily scripture study and prayer. I love you all so much and I am praying for you always.


Soeur Hunt


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