Easter week! :)

Yes, still snowing...

Yes, still snowing…

My cute companion:)

My cute companion:)

My Hump day! We just had to burn something at 10:00 and night...haha!

My Hump day! We just had to burn something at 10:00 and night…haha!


Well, this has been such a great week for Soeur Leon and I. We have seen so many miracles here. I just love Sherbrooke. We continue to be blessed daily. Lately we have found so many new investigators. We literally found 10 new investigators this last week. That is because we taught an African family of 6, but still so many miracles.

We continue to teach Valli. He is progressing so fast and he hasn’t missed a week of church. The ward is doing so good with fellow shipping him. The ward is truly becoming his family. We have also been blessed to teach two other families this last week. Both are from Africa as well. Soeur Leon and I are definitely keeping busy.

The ward has been really involved in helping us work with less actives too. We have been able to go teaching more with the members. Because of this Soeur Leon and I are getting so close to some of the amazing sisters in our ward. It was great to have an activity with the women in the ward before the General Women’s meeting on Saturday. I truly love them all so much and I feel so close to them. They are all such beautiful examples to me.

One blessing Soeur Leon and I had this last week was on Saturday. The day started off a little hard because we had no lessons planned for the day. We soon found out the Lord was blessing us as we were able to go contacting that day and share the new church intuitive, “Because He Lives!” It was great going out and talking to so many people and spreading the message of Christ. We even found a few people who were interested in learning more. I love sharing my testimony and love for the Savior, Jesus Christ with others this Easter week. I love sharing that our Savior lives!

This morning I had the opportunity to study about the Savior’s resurrection. I love the scripture in Mathew 28 when Mary is at the empty tomb and the angel comes to her. “Fear not ye; for I know that ye seek Jesus which was crucified. he is not here: For he is risen.” What more comforting words to hear than to hear that our Savior, Jesus Christ is risen and that He lives again. I love how right after she hears this news she runs quickly to tell others of His resurrection.  Shouldn’t we as disciples of Jesus Christ be doing the same? We should be running to others to share our testimony that our Lord, Jesus Christ lives! I can’t think of a better time than Easter week to be sharing this great news. If you have not already, I invite you to go and watch the new church video,  “Because He Lives,” and then share it with others!:)

I hope you all have a beautiful week and Easter weekend with conference. I love and miss you all so much.

avec amour, Soeur hunt

I am sorry I have no time to write today. We are going to the gym with the Petersen’s and the elders to go play Elder Petersen’s favorite sport, Wallyball…haha!  I am excited.


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