My First Week in Montreal :)



Oh, my goodness I don’t even know where to start. This last week has been one of the craziest weeks of my mission. Montréal is so different from all my other areas. I am currently standing in the Apple Store on Rue Ste Catherine in downtown Montréal writing you all:) It has become a bit harder to write emails today. Oh, my goodness I do love Montréal!  My heart has found a new city and I don’t ever want to leave. This last week has been a new adventure everyday and I love it. I have so many stories I wish that I could write from this last week.

I think the biggest change is that we take the metro everywhere. We have no car, which actually makes me extremely happy.  I was getting tired of all the driving that was required in my last area. Now I am surrounded by people on the metro constantly. Metro contacting is definitely a new experience for me, but I love it. Everyone is super nice and there is a lot of interesting people too. You never know what is going to happen next on metro rides. Today I had this guy come up to me and said, “oh the Mormons!! I used to go to your church.” I had an interesting conversation with him. As he was getting off he planted a kiss right on my cheek! Ha, man they just attack you out of nowhere. Nobody really has respect for personal space on the metro. It is crazy and I love talking to everyone and anyone. I have literally met people from more than 20 different countries this last week on the metro. Only two people who I have talked to have actually been from Quebec. I have been able to testify to so many people while sitting on the metro and bus rides and I love it. I have seen a lot of people who are interested in learning more this last week. One thing that is kind of hard is talking to men. Quite often they think you are hitting on them…Sister missionary probs.

Another crazy thing is the French-speaking YSA branch that Sister Jeter and I are over. This branch literally covers the whole island!! We are running around everywhere from lessons, meetings, and activities at the church. I am definitely getting in really good shape. We have been running everywhere and then Sister Jeter gets me up every morning at 6:15 to go running. I love my companion and I am so thankful to serve with her. I have already learned so much from her. I love the ward members as well. It is definitely different working in the YSA branch. There are different dynamics compared to a family ward. I love the ward and there are so many crazy, amazing young single adults in this ward. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to work and serve with them. It is fun being surrounded by young people all day. I’m already growing to love them all so much.

Also, I am so excited to start working with all the sisters in our zone. We have the biggest zone in the mission! I literally go on exchanges twice a week with the sisters in our zone. Sister Jeter and I are over 9 sister companionship’s.  I have a lot more responsibilities as a Sister Training Leader than I ever knew existed. I feel so blessed to be working with all of these amazing missionaries. I love being on the Island of Montreal. There are missionaries everywhere:)

We were able to see some amazing miracles this last week as we found new investigators to teach and by doing personal mission plans with all the members in our branch. I think we taught the restoration about 10 times in 3 days. It was crazy. Our apartment is in the city next to the metro. It is small and old, but I love it!! This is my first time living in a big city. I am sure that I look like such a newbie walking around the city and marveling at every little thing.

It has been a little stressful and crazy adjusting to all these new things, but the Lord has truly been strengthening and helping me so much this last week. I can feel Him working right beside me at times. My testimony keeps growing more and more that this is not my work, but the Lord’s work.  I hope through me that I can do His work here in Montreal. I  pray to be the missionary He needs and I hope to become the missionary He knows I can become.

Well, I really wish I had more time to share some of my experiences that have happened this last week. I will try to be better this next week. I love you all so much!!!!! I will try to send more pictures too.

Last, but not least, Louise was baptized this last weekend!!:) I am so happy for her.


Sister Hunt


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