Happy Days in Montreal!

Bonjour my wonderful family and friends!!

Well, this last week was great and full of so many fun experiences and miracles. The weather here in Montreal is gorgeous. Spring is finally here and I love it! Sister Jeter and I go running at a nearby park every morning. We were able to do more splits with sisters this last week. I am also going on another one tonight. Sometimes I feel like I am living out of a suitcase, but it’s okay. I love splits with the sisters. We always have lots of fun. I am getting to know the other sisters here so well.

I would like to share with you an awesome experience Sister Jeter and I  had this last week. We had a member text us Friday morning. In his text he asked if we could teach his friend that he was bringing to Institute that night. Of course we said,  “yes!”  Our only problem was that we had a lesson planned with another investigator at the same time. We decided to do a member split. It felt weird not teaching with Sister Jeter, but the lesson went so amazing. His friend Rodrigue is like sooo prepared. He is African, but he grew up in Lyon, France. He told me that he had run into the missionaires a lot in France. He said that they even knocked at his door before, but he never found the time to meet with them. One day he was talking to his friend, Arnold, at work and found out that he was a Mormon. That is when Arnold invited Rodrigue to meet with us. We had an amazing lesson with him. Rodgrigue is so open and excited to start meeting with us. I invited him to come to church and he came yesterday. It was our fast and testimony meeting. I was explaining to him how fast and testimony meeting works. I told him that anyone can go up and bear their testimony. Right after that his friend, Arnold, leaned over and told him the same exact thing.  A couple of minutes later Rodgrigue went up to bear his testimony!! It was so crazy. In his testimony he said that it was his first time ever coming to this church. He also said that he had only met the missionaries once and he had about a million questions running through his head. He then said that he just had to get up and express how indescribable his feelings were. He said he felt at home and that it felt so good to be around the people here. It was so cool. Rodrigue is amazing. Of course we instantly hit it off because he is African and all Africans are just awesome and amazing. We have another lesson planned with him tonight before family home evening:)

Also, another one of our amazing investigators, Victor, came to church too! He is so cool. He is dating, Evelyn who is a member. They are such a cute couple. I love teaching them together. We were able to teach them about the temple this week. The lesson went so great. Today, Sister Jeter and I are going out to lunch with them. I asked them where we could find the best Indian food in Montreal and they said they would take us there:)

Here is a funny story about Sacrament meeting yesterday. The day we had two investigators at church of course is the day that someone forgot to bring the Sacrament bread. So we literally had stale old ice cream cone pieces for the Sacrament bread. It sounded so funny listening to them breaking the ice cream cones into pieces. It was hard not to laugh. This would only happen in a single’s ward.

Gosh, but things are just going so great. I love working with the Young Single Adults. It is a lot of fun. It is definitely different from a family ward. I wish I had time to tell you all the crazy experiences that happen every day here in Montreal. We have met people from everywhere and from almost every religion on the metro. Oh, and I have tried some amazingly yummy food too. I am slowly becoming less and less awkward with my metro contacting skills. Sister Jeter and I get pretty creative. I love working with Sister Jeter. We get along so well and we probably have a little too much in common. It is great though:)

Well,  I am super excited to talk to you all on Mother’s day.  In fact I can’t wait!!! I will leave you with something that has helped me so much this last week. We had a conference call with President Patrick and something he said just really stuck with me. He said the key to being a great leader is to be constantly and relentlessly happy, full of joy and testimony. I have really worked on this last week as I go out and work with the other sisters, investigators, ward members, and less actives. It has helped me so much. Staying positive and changing my mindset has brought so many blessings. It has helped me to be less stressed and to love my mission and the people around me. It seems to rub off on everyone I meet. So just remember to be happy this next week:)

I love you all,

Soeur Hunt


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