Fete de la Reine!

Salut ma famille:)

Well, today is a holiday in Canada. It is called Victoria Day/Fete de la Reine. Montreal is crazy with people everywhere. I have been told that this holiday is the kickoff to summer; kind of like our Memorial Day. I am sure there is more history to it than that because it is all about a Queen Victoria who lived a long time ago. I am currently standing in the Apple store and emailing you all. I apologize ahead of time for the rushed email response today. Montreal is beautiful; it is warm, almost hot, and I am loving it. Sister Jeter and I just ate sushi for lunch and after this we are going to visit Old Montreal. I am pretty excited.

It has been a crazy jammed-packed week for Sister Jeter and I. We had two different exchanges, a zone conference in which we gave a training and lots of lessons 🙂 We were really blessed this last week. I had a lot of fun on my first exchange with a sister from Belgium. She is like my new favorite sister. I love her! They have bikes to travel with, so I got to bike through Montreal for the day with her. It was so fun!! I love bikes. It was fun being in a family ward for the day and getting food again. We usually never get dinner appointments in our ward with the young adults. I had plenty of great Haitian food that day! The next day Sister Jeter and I were able to give a training to our zone. It went so well; the zone conference was amazing and full of the spirit. The following day we went back to exchanging with more sisters.

It was great to finally be back with Sister Jeter this last weekend. In 11 days we did 5 exchanges; it was crazy. There is only one week left for this transfer and everything is great. On Saturday, we were able to teach an English class in the morning and then we attended a baptism with our investigator, Victor. Yesterday, on Sunday, we taught four lessons. We even had a dinner appointment last night. It was really weird, though, because we were in an apartment full of 6 college boys and Maude, our investigator. I felt like I was in back in college…haha! The evening went great and we were able to teach an amazing lesson with Maude.

We also had a really weird experience on the metro last night. First, my companion literally got punched in the arm by a guy. We are still really confused about that one. It was weird and it happened so quick. The guy took off pretty fast. Then we met a really crazy guy from Africa who had white chalk all over his face. He cast a spell on us and then he spit in our faces. It was really weird and random. Then again, we have met a lot of cool people on the metro this last week from places around the world. Now that summer has started, there are tourists everywhere. The metros are always a new experience everyday.

Well, I really have to be going. I hope you all have a great week!!! I love you.


Sister Hunt


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