The Metro, Pigeons and Little Random Miracles

Lessons in the park with Josue and Daniel.

Lessons in the park with Josue and Daniel.


Hey Everyone!!

Well, It has been another crazy week and full of new experiences. First of all, the weather has been on and off. It went from being super hot one day and then super cold the next( 85 degrees down to 50 degrees.) It was weird. I am still loving this time of the year in Montreal; it’s just beautiful.

On to the crazy experiences we had this last week. Tuesday was probably one of the coolest days. Sister Jeter and I just felt like celebrities. We had soo many people come up to us that day and just start talking and asking us questions. I think that is probably one of my favorite things about Montreal is having people come up to us all the time. There are so many missionaries on the Island that it’s super common to run into missionaries more than once each week.

For example, one day this week, we were walking down the street and this guy just turns around and says, “Mormons? Man you guys are everywhere! First I go to France, then India, then to South America, and now here. I run into missionaries everywhere I go!” We were able to talk to him for a little while and explain some of our beliefs, but he didn’t really seem too interested in meeting. Hopefully he will continue running into missionaries in his travels and get the picture. Shortly after that, I ran into Gaby, a girl that I met while serving in Lemoyne. Soeur Blanc and I taught Gaby and her mother 3 lessons before she left on a five month vacation to Florida. Low and behold, on her first week back, she ran into me in Montreal! I gave the missionaries in her area the information to contact her. It was just a little miracle for me that day. Hopefully, Gaby and her mom will start up with the lessons again.

Later in the week, we had this cool experience meeting another guy on the metro. He came up to us and said, “hi”. After visiting with him, we were able to give him a Book of Mormon. Shortly after, we were walking in the metro and we saw him again. He was across the metro station from us reading the Book of Mormon!! We will have to pass him off because he is Spanish speaking, but we are so excited for him. Also, that morning we had a random guy come into the church building. We were able to teach him for a little bit. He was super cool. It has been a week full of little random miracles, it has been awesome.

This last weekend was pretty busy with meetings. First, we had Mission Leadership Council with President Patrick. This meeting was with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. It went super well. Then, that night, we had Elder Kacher of the Seventy come and talk to the Young Single Adults at the Institute. It was such a good meeting. Elder Kacher is an amazing man and a powerful speaker. I loved listening to him that night and then the next two days at Stake Conference. The night he spoke to the Young Adults was just a little too much talk about marriage for me (haha!), but his other talks were super good. Stake Conference was good and so special. They talked a lot about families and the temple in preparation for the opening of the Montreal temple in November. I can’t wait for the open house!

Also, this last week we were able to teach two of our awesome investigators, Mamadoo and Kumba, from Africa. They are super interested and way open to listening. Mamadoo has almost finished reading the whole Book of Mormon; it’s crazy!! I love teaching them so much. They live on kind of a sketchy street, so we just try to make sure we are never at their house late at night. All in all, this last week has been so fun!

Here is a funny experience that I also had. I was walking into my bedroom one morning after getting out of the shower. I was so startled to see a pigeon right in the middle of the floor. I almost stepped on it. That pigeon scared me half to death. Our house is sooo hot because we have no air conditioning. We open as many windows and doors as possible. I guess we will have to be careful not to let too many pigeons in!

Well, I am going to end this extremely long email because I am dead tired from cleaning our apartment like crazy this morning. I would like to leave you with a little thought that I absolutely loved from one of Elder Kacher’s talks. He talked a lot about our potential. A comment he made just hit my heart. He said, “Our potential is as great as our willingness to depend on our Heavenly Father.” He said in relation to our Heavenly Father, we are not much…and that’s okay! We need to rely on Him and have faith in Him. He knows what He is doing, and we need to do all we can to seek to do His will, and not ours. Our potential comes when we are ready to rely on Him! Our Heavenly Father loves us, and when we try and do our best, that is acceptable to Him! We are His children and He loves us more that we can comprehend.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week with school coming to an end and the summer heat knocking at your door!

Je Vous Aime,

Sister Hunt


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