A Marvelous Work :)

Eating this yummy African dish of fish!

Eating this yummy African dish of fish!

My companion likes to break dance...she is pretty cool.

My companion likes to break dance…she is pretty cool.

Hello Family!!

Well, this week has been absolutely great! I truly feel so blessed and lucky to be serving here in Montreal. I am working with such wonderful people. Sister Jeter and I have witnessed many little miracles. We have also been busy with lots of work.

The weather is super rainy and a little chilly. I didn’t realize how much it rains in Montreal; It’s crazy. We had plans to go on a little hike, but I don’t think that will happen. We will certainly find another adventure for our P-day.

I would like to share some of the cool miracles we had this last week. First, our investigator, Victor, was able to come to FHE. He was able to meet our branch president, eat dinner with him, and make some new friends in our ward. Victor looked so happy.  He said that he felt right at home. This was something we have been praying for and it happened:)

Also, this last Saturday, we had a fun day packed full of lessons. Sister Jeter and I went teaching with our ward mission leader, Carlos. It was fun spending the day together and just working hard. We also ate dinner with our investigator, Mamadoo. Of course he fed us African food, which I haven’t had for a while. It was pretty good, but just a little scary looking (picture above.) We celebrated Carlos’ one year mark of being a member. He was so excited and happy. It is amazing to see how much the gospel has changed his life. He is working with the missionaries and preparing to serve his own mission. Next, he will be submitting his mission papers…fingers-crossed! We are super grateful for him and for all the service he gives to the ward.

We had an awesome experience, yesterday, after church. It was with one of our members who just moved here from Belgium. He has been struggling, lately. We have been trying to help him by being his friend and praying for him. Before we left the church, he came to us wanting to share an awesome experience with us.  He told us how he prayed sincerely for the first time in his life and that it really changed him. He sees a lot of things he wants to improve on in his life. He said he is free whenever we are free (which is always…) to help us with missionary work or to read the scriptures with him.  Sister Jeter and I were so happy for him and we could see a change in him already! It is great to see the Lord working in the lives of others.

One last experience we had is with a lady named, Olivia. We found her last week waiting outside the house of one our investigators. She kept looking at us like she knew us. We walked over to her and began talking with her. We found out she had studied with the missionaries in her home country located in the Caribbean, 7 years ago. Yesterday, we taught a first lesson with her. When we pulled out the restoration pamphlet, she stopped us and said, “I have that film!” She went to her back room and brought out the film. She told us that she had felt like watching it, but she knew that we were coming over, so she did not. We continued to have a great lesson with her. It was a powerful lesson that was full of the spirit. It is amazing to think that after 7 years she found the missionaries and still has all the things she was given while living in the Caribbean Islands. She is amazing. The only sad thing, she is older and English speaking, which means we have to pass her off to the other missionaries.  This is okay, we feel blessed to have found her and to begin teaching her.

This last week was amazingly great. Here is a quote that I love by President Thomas S. Monson, “We do everything we can to move this work forward. But this is the Lord’s work and He directs it. He is at the helm. We marvel as we watch Him open doors we cannot open and perform miracles we can scarcely imagine. In the end, we try to do our part each day, but He is the great architect.” This is His work. I feel so privileged to be a part of it:)  President Monson continues, “We live in a marvelous time where the gospel of Jesus Christ is being brought to all the world. It is great to see the hand of the Lord working and moving His marvelous work forward, and to see Him working in the lives of others and our own individual lives as well.”

Well, that is the question I will leave with you all. Do you look for Him working in your life? I challenge you to look for Him this next week, because I know He will be. 🙂 I love you all.

Have a beautiful June week,

Soeur Hunt