Good Old Montreal!

My favorite flower...

My favorite flower…

to my favorite maple soda!

to my favorite maple soda!

Waiting for the metro.

Waiting for the metro.

P-day pictures

P-day pictures


Mormon missionaries walking to the cross at Mont Royal Park!

Mormon missionaries walking to the cross at Mont Royal Park!

So green here in Montreal.

So green here in Montreal.

Hello Family and Friends!!

This last week has been crazy as usual and with a mix of so many different emotions. It has been some of the best days ever and some of the hardest. But it wouldn’t be a mission if it wasn’t like that. I love it here and I am trying to make the most of every moment. Everyday in Montreal is a new experience. It can range from having random people come up to you so excited and saying, “You guys are the Mormon missionaries” and carrying on a happy conversation to, 10 minutes later, trying to build up that little amount of courage you need to share the gospel with the stranger sitting next to you on the metro. Sister Jeter and I have been so blessed as we continue to try our hardest and put our faith in the Lord daily. I have grown a lot serving with my companion. She is an amazing example of diligence, obedience, and faith. She is constantly helping me want to be a better missionary.

We have been working hard to build up our pool of investigators and the people we are teaching. We have struggled with seeing a lot of our investigators this last week. Although, we have seen lots of miracles from faith and obedience.

Saturday, was amazing traveling from place to place and talking to as many people as we could. It felt like the Lord was putting the perfect people right in our pathway. We found this man named, Mario on Friday, we taught him on Saturday, and then he came to church on Sunday. Unfortunately, Mario is too old for the Single Adult Ward that we serve in. It is hard finding and then passing off so many of our investigators to other missionaries, but it is so cool to see them continue and progress.

Sister Jeter and I had a cool experience as we were walking up to Mont Royal today on our P-day. We ran into a cute little family from Arkansas. They have met with the missionaries in the past, but they were never baptized. They were like the cutest family. They walked right up to us and said, “It’s the missionaries!” They told us how they were best friends with a Stake President from back home. They also, had their Mission President come to their home for dinner last summer. I am not sure why they have never been baptized, but it was cool running into them and helping them find their way around Montreal. Not a coincidence!

I am so thankful to be here in Montreal working with all these wonderful people. The Lord is blessing Sister Jeter and I constantly. I am learning so much about what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. I am striving to follow our Savior’s example in all I do. I love Him and His great work. I love you all so much and I hope you have a beautiful week!

Avec Amour,

Soeur Hunt


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