Summer Weeks in Montreal!

Just gotta love the rain!

Just gotta love the rain!


Visiting the Notre-Dame Basilica with Sister Jeter.

Visiting the Notre-Dame Basilica with Sister Jeter.


Chinatown in Montreal,

Chinatown in Montreal,


Bubble tea...our favorite!

Bubble tea…our favorite!

Salut tout le Monde!! :0

Well, I hope you all had a great week!  This week, as usual, has been super crazy, EXHAUSTING, and fun. Literally I feel tired all the time, but I just keep working with a smile. The weather is becoming hotter and hotter. This can make it a little hard at night with no air conditioning and only one fan to share. At the same time, it’s super nice to be walking around in the sun all day. I love it.

This last week we were able to go on two exchanges with a sister here in Montreal. I was also able to go on splits with Sister Kinghorn to Ville-Maire, a burough located in the center of the city. It was so fun to be back together! The last time we spent a whole day together was in the MTC. It was a super awesome exchange. We were on bikes and all was good until it began to rain. It was coming down so hard. We were pedaling like crazy trying to make it to our appointments. When we arrived to teach an English class that night, we were drenched.

We had two awesome miracles that day. First, that morning, we had a lady call and ask us to come visit her. Our only problem was due to the rain we missed the bus. For some reason we felt like we should start walking even though it was pouring. We did not have an umbrella and it was super far to walk. We started walking and a minute later, a car pulled up. The driver asked if we were the sister missionaries.  It turns out that she was a member from the English ward. She offered to give us a ride and get us to our appointment. She even left us with an umbrella. It was such a little miracle and a testimony builder of following the spirit and having faith in the Lord. He always provides the way to accomplish His great work. Also, later that night as we prepared for English class, Sister Kinghorn and I decided to do conversations for class. As we began, we asked the members what they wanted to talk about. A man raised his hand and asked if we would teach about the background of our church.  So, Sister Kinghorn and I taught the whole restoration lesson for English class that night. It was so cool.

It was a great week. This last weekend was crazy with another split and lessons. Then Sunday was full of meetings at church. I gave my first talk in French during Sacrament meeting. It was super scary, but I think it went pretty well.  I gave it on Missionary work… believe it or not;)  I was able to bear my testimony about my family and my dad because it was Fathers day!( Bonne Fete des Peres everyone!)

The last miracle of the week happened last night as we were preparing for bed. Our awesome investigator, Victor, called. He kind of fell off the face of the planet for the last two weeks because he was super busy working a new job. Just before the phone rang, Sister Jeter and I kneeled down for our nightly prayers. I prayed for a lot of things, but one thing in particular was to get back into contact with Victor. I ended my prayer and crawled into bed. Right before dozing off, I heard the phone ring indicating that we got a text. It was a long text from Victor apologizing for not seeing us for so long. He told us how much he missed church and the lessons. He also said that he was still praying. He was just going to read the scriptures before going to bed and then something said to him to text us and see if he can see us Tuesday. It was such a big miracle to end our week!

Today has been super fun. Sister Jeter and I went sightseeing around Montreal today. We went to Chinatown and the Notre-Dame Basilica. It was great!!

I hope you all have a beautiful week!! Remember to always trust in the Lord et mettre votre confiance en lui!  “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6
Je vous aime beaucoup!!

Avec amour toujours,

Soeur Hunt


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