Canada Day or the 4th of July…Eh!


Sister Jeter and I are happy to stay together for one more transfer!

Sister Jeter and I are happy to stay together for one more transfer!

Bonjour tout le monde!

I hope you all have had a beautiful week! This last week has been hot, busy, exhausting and so great!! We saw so many miracles this last week. It was so cool, we feel extremely blessed.

Well, the big news with transfers calls…Sister Jeter and I are staying together here in Montreal!!:0 We are soo happy to be together for another transfer. This will be my first time to be with a companion for more than two transfers. I feel so blessed to be able to serve with Sister Jeter for a bit longer. Transfers will take place on Wednesday. We have a lot of new missionaries arriving because it is summer time. The next two transfers will be crazy. This last week we also had a zone training meeting and Sister Jeter and I were able to give another training. It was fun to do. We have an awesome zone and I love all of our missionaries.

Here is something cool, the USA women’s soccer team won the FIFA World Cup here in Canada!! The winning game that took them to the final was played in the Olympic Stadium right here in Montreal. Not like I saw it or anything (besides watching pieces of it on TV screens in the metro), but I am still pretty excited!! We had a lot of contacts with people from the U.S. this last week on the metro because of this. The U.S. fans were everywhere.

Well, a cool miracle of the week is that we found some awesome, cool, new investigators. Sister Jeter and I have been praying hard to find some new investigators. With one of our new investigators, Ignacio, we had an awesome experience. We had a lesson with him Thursday night, but he cancelled because he cut his hand on a tuna can( haha that rhymes.) He had to go to the hospital to get it stitched up. Instead we invited him to church on Sunday, to the potluck after church, and then to teach him afterwards. He came to all three things!!:) It was so great. He loved church and meeting the members. Afterwards, Sister Jeter and I had one of the best lessons! It was one of my favorite lessons of my mission. The spirit was so strong and we felt so guided to know what to say and share. At the end of the lesson, Ignacio, started asking questions like, “Why am I here in this life and What is my purpose here on earth?” He asked if we could answer those questions in the next lesson! We said, “oui!!” We are praying that he comes to FHE tonight. We are so excited to start teaching him.

It was a great week with so many more miracles! I wish I could write them all. Also, here is a funny story. We were in the middle of a lesson sitting on a wooden picnic table this last week with a less active in our ward. We were sitting there when I saw a cool design of a leaf in the table. As my first reaction, I said, “Wow, that’s really cool.” Then I realized it was a marijuana leaf. It was just so embarrassing. Everyone just started laughing at me. Trying to be nice, the less active said, “Oh, she meant the workmanship, not the leaf.” Haha!, maybe you had to be there. We were laughing because it was a really good spiritual lesson that I had to ruin with my stupid comment about a marijuana leaf.

I have felt so blessed this past week. I will leave you with some advice that my brother, Caleb, gave me. It has really helped me this last week. He wrote, “Here is my advice to you when I had six months left on my mission. It is to just teach constantly. No matter who it is; just teach investigators, people on the street, members, and even your companion. Just keep on teaching. Do not waste time being scared of what to say or what someone may think. Let the spirit work through you and teach!” This has become my new theme, to teach everyone and anyone. I am going to let the spirit guide me to do the Lord’s work and to have the courage and faith to act, to talk, and share the gospel with everyone. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear” John 4:18.

I love this work and these great people. More importantly I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know He lives and He is always there for us. In the good and the bad, He gives us the strength that we need to keep on going when things get hard. I love you all and I hope you have a great week. Have the courage that it takes to share your testimony with someone who needs to be blessed by your spirit and our Heavenly Father’s love this week.

Je vous aime!

Soeur Hunt


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