Hot Summer Days!

Holy Ghost

Hello everyone!!

Well, this week has been going pretty great. It is the first week of another transfer. It is getting super hot, especially living in an apartment with no air conditioning. With only two fans, our apartment feels like death sometimes. We found an old air conditioner in our closet that works, so we are crossing our fingers that we can use it this week. It is so fun being in the city during the summer. I love the summer heat, sometimes just not at night

This last weekend was kind of relaxing. Our whole ward was gone at a YSA conference in Palmyra. So we were able to attend church in English with the other YSA ward. It was kind of nice with no worries about language or ward meetings. We got to relax a little and enjoy the spirit. Then again, by the end of the day, I just missed our ward and speaking French! It was also a more relaxing week because we had no exchanges with sisters, Sister Jeter and I spent the whole week together! Exchanges begin this week and we have two planned.

An awesome discovery we found on our street this last week is a Dairy Queen. We had  been running around from lesson to lesson in the hot city on Saturday. Sister Jeter and I saw the Dairy Queen and it was like we read each other’s mind. We need some Blizzards! When we went inside, there were two ladies that came up to us, asking questions about our church. The lady taking our orders asked us to bring her back reading materials to read.  What was also weird, we were in the English part of town, so everyone was speaking to us in English. It was like we were supposed to be there at that time; it was cool.  Sister Jeter and I are doing no sugar this week, so sad, no Dairy Queen for a few days.

It has been a great week full of lots of lessons. We got to teach a lot of our members this last week. Our branch president has asked us to just teach everyone in the ward whether they are return missionaries, the Relief Society president or recent converts. He feels like everyone in the ward needs the missionary lessons. It has been such an awesome opportunity to teach our members. My love for the members of the branch has grown. It has been heart warming to feel the strength of the member’s testimonies. I have also realized that no matter where we are in life or how long we have been in the church, we all need the good nourishment of the gospel and the influence of the spirit in our life daily! I feel great joy when I help the members here and I truly love them!

This last week has been great and I feel so blessed to be here working in the YSA. I know this is where the Lord needs me at this time. This last week I have learned a lot about the spirit. I am constantly searching to follow the promptings of the spirit and acting on those feelings. There was an old lady sitting on the metro and for some reason, I felt the strongest feeling to talk to her. We talked a little, I shared my testimony, but then she got off the metro before I could get her info. It felt so good to rely on those promptings and to know I was doing what the Lord wanted me to do. This is the Lord’s work, not mine, but His. We will get no where without the spirit guiding us constantly. My favorite days are when Sister Jeter and I come home just so happy and exhausted. On those days, I feel like the Lord is helping us every step of the way and we feel the joy of this work through His holy spirit!  I am so thankful for the spirit, for the guidance, comfort, happiness and understanding it brings into our lives. We need to always trust and listen to those soft, yet powerful feelings that the Holy Ghost give us.

~“Just as learning an instrument or a language is a process, learning the language of the Spirit is also a process.”-Sister Linda K. Burton~

I love you all and have a beautiful week!

Love always,

Sister Hunt


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