True Disciples of Christ

All the sisters in our zone! These are all the sisters that Sister Jeter and I go on exchanges with!!

All the sisters in our zone! These are all the sisters that Sister Jeter and I go on exchanges with!!

My two babies: Sister Leon and Sister Blanc with their two babies. They are both training so that means I have granddaughters...haha!

My two babies: Sister Leon and Sister Blanc with their two babies. They are both training so that means I have granddaughters…haha!

Maple butter ice cream!

Maple butter ice cream!

Maple twist ice cream cone...only in Canada!

Maple twist ice cream cone…only in Canada!

Celebrating our one year in Quebec with just a little more ice cream!

Celebrating our one year in Quebec with just a little more ice cream!

Don't worry, mom, I eat healthy too...haha!

Don’t worry, mom, I eat healthy too…haha!


This has been a great week. Sister Jeter and I have been super blessed. We were able to teach many lessons this last week. This made us super happy because the last few weeks have been a little hard. We have slowly built up our pool of investigators to teach.

Last week, we had an awesome experience. We were at the church building one night making some phone calls and eating dinner when a man came and knocked on the door. We went out and talked to him. He just arrived from Africa two weeks ago and he really wants to learn English. We gave him the information for the English class and then we asked him if we could teach him more about what we do as missionaries. He agreed, and this last week we had two lessons with him. It was a cool miracle because we had been praying to find new investigators and then he just showed up knocking at the meetinghouse door one night.

We also had some cool experiences with our other two investigators, Sandy and Merino, from Haiti. We found them from teaching a less active in our ward. They both have baptismal dates set for the end of this August. They seem super interested and willing to change. The only problem is they work on Sundays…like a lot of people. It is funny how we teach so many people from everywhere around the world, but nobody from Quebec. Anywhere else, you name it: Africa, South America, Haiti, Europe, India, etc. We love the diversity of cultures here.

Another awesome experience we had this last week was our zone training meeting. Sister Jeter and I opened the meeting with our training called, “The Doctrine of Who We Are.”  We taught about who we are as missionaries. We used a lot of stories in the Bible to teach how we are disciples of Jesus Christ. It was our best training yet!  The spirit was super strong. Following that, we performed a song together with all the zone leaders that was accompanied by a ukulele. This brought the spirit in even more. It was a really good zone training meeting. I love our zone so much! There are so many great missionaries.

Sister Jeter and I were able to celebrate our one year mark in Quebec together on Wednesday. The morning started off with an awesome service experience of painting somebody’s apartment. It was a non-member friend of a member that is moving here for college this fall. Her apartment was soo cool! We became super envious as we painted it. It is a hipster style apartment located in the middle of Montreal. We even found out she was paying lower rent than us. It made the two of us want to move back and live in Montreal someday. What was even cooler is that she seemed interested in meeting with us again and coming to church activities. After that, it was super hot so we celebrated our one year anniversary in Quebec by buying ice cream, of course!

It has been a great week as Sister Jeter and I were given a lot of awesome experiences to help and teach people. I feel so blessed to be serving here. Every night, coming home, I am completely exhausted from running around Montreal all day on bus, metro and walking, “BMW!” I am so completely happy at the same time by knowing I gave it my all that day in serving the Lord and His children. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Montreal. I learn so much every day.
I love that I get to serve others!

I will leave you with something that we shared in our training this last week: A large crowd followed the Savior as He ministered by the shore of the Sea of Galilee. So that more could hear Him, He got into Peter’s fishing boat and asked to be taken a little way out from the shore. After He had finished speaking, He told Peter, who had fished all night without success, to go out in the lake and let down his nets in the deep water. Peter obeyed, and he caught so many fish that the nets broke. Peter called to his partners, James and John, to come and help. All were amazed at the number of fish that were caught. Jesus said to Peter, “Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men.” Luke 5:11, then tells us, “And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him.” They became the Lord’s disciples. The end really stood out to me, “They forsook all and followed him.”  They left everything behind and followed the Savior. Which is what we are all called to do as well, to follow Him and become His true disciples. The disciples of Christ receive a call to not only forsake the pursuit of worldly things, but to carry the cross daily. To carry the cross means to follow His commandments and to build up His Church on the earth. One of the greatest blessings of this life is to be counted as one of the devoted disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love you all! I hope you have a great week!


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