Hot August Days in Montreal!

Saying goodbye to Sister Hinkson.

Saying goodbye to Sister Hinkson.

Getting ice cream dipped in Belgian Chocolate on our last P-day.

Getting ice cream dipped in Belgian Chocolate on our last P-day.


Well, it’s been a great week full of lots of change and trying not to die from the heat of the summer. We had transfers this last Wednesday, so I said goodbye to Sister Jeter. I gave her a big hug and wished her luck in her new area of Lemoyne. I also received my new companion, Sister Neri. I love Sister Neri! I can already tell we will work really well together.  She has such a strong, beautiful testimony and has a love for work:) I am so excited to be her companion. Change is always so refreshing and exciting!

One big change took place this morning. It was lots and lots of cleaning. Ha! Sister Neri and I decided to deep clean the apartment and rearrange things. It looks so pretty and nice now. Sister Neri is very organized and clean. I like it.  She likes to go running with me in the morning so that is always nice too.

This last week has been super busy with lots of teaching appointments, meetings, and getting things organized for exchanges and this transfer. I can tell this is going to be a great transfer and I am super excited.

We also had a super great lesson with our investigator, Youcif, this last week (the guy from Algeria).  He has been so prepared by the Lord. I feel super lucky to be teaching him. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. He also told us the story of how he knew he had to start learning more about the church. This last month of July has been Ramadan. It is when the Muslim culture does their 40 day fast. He said while he was doing the fast that he felt horrible and that something was missing. So one night at the end of his fast, he got down for prayer and knelt to talk to God and to know what he needed to do. That night he had a dream that he met two Mormon missionaries and he was reading the Book of Mormon. After that he contacted his friend who was Mormon. She gave him our online information so he could meet with the missionaries. He is super cool. I love teaching him. I know the Lord has been preparing him and has big plans for him.

Also, we got to teach our other progressing investigator, Sandy. She is from Haiti and is super cute and awesome. She wants to be baptized and is reading in the Book of Mormon to know if its teachings are true. We should hopefully be teaching her tonight before Family Home Evening.

Well, there is nothing else too new and exciting. It has been a great week. Sorry for the short letter. I don’t have too much to report.

I am so happy to be working here in Montreal. I have a lot of faith that Sister Neri and I will see a many miracles this transfer as we put our trust in the Lord, humbly serve others, and follow the spirit in unity!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Good luck with the start of a new school year! Thanks for everything.

Much Love,

Soeur Hunt


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