I Love My Mission :)

Pictures of our mini mission with Ashley.

Pictures of our mini mission with Ashley.


A little note Ashley left on our board. She was practicing her English.

A little note Ashley left on our board. She was practicing her English.

A pass along card written by Sister Neri. My companion does not know what language she is speaking anymore. She wrote our names in Spanish, the church in French and the card is in English...haha!

A pass along card written by Sister Neri. My companion does not know what language she is speaking anymore. She wrote our names in Spanish, the church in French and the card is in English…haha!


Well, it has been another great week here in Montreal with my companion, Sister Neri. We had so many great experiences together and also going on exchanges with the sisters. We had so much success this last week, it was a huge blessing. We were able to teach a lot of people and work with the members of the ward. The work was a little slow here with the YSA during the summer months, but I can really see it picking up with the start of school and people moving back to the island.

This last week, one really fun experience we had was doing a mini mission with Ashley, a ward member. We were able to show her what we do as missionaries. By doing this we were able to get to know her better and encourage her to serve a mission. She is trying to decide if she would like to serve. We were even able to teach three lessons with her that day. She was able to testify so much in these lessons, it was awesome. It was such a blessing to do the mini mission with her. She even bore her testimony about it this last week at church. She spoke about the special spirit she felt working with us all day. She said, “I even felt the spirit when I was sleeping with them!” Ha! It was so cute. Ashley began reading in the white missionary handbook this last weekend. This experience has really helped her and now she is thinking of going on a real mission.

Yesterday, was a full Sunday as well. We had all the young women and young men of the stake come and visit for the day with their parents to see what the YSA branch is like. Afterwards, we had a huge potluck and fireside. It was a packed Sunday, full of fun and the spirit. Our Investigator, Youcef, came for the activities, but he attended a different sacrament meeting that morning. Youcef, is doing great and is progressing super fast!! We watched, “The Restoration” in our last lesson with him. We then talked about what he is feeling and how the spirit testifies that these things are true. He already reads in The Book of Mormon daily. He knows it’s true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. He even told us how he watched the last April conference online and how he really enjoyed it. He told us he knows this is what he wants and that he knows this is where he is supposed to be. Now we will wait to hear if he will be flying to New Caledonia to be baptized where his member friends are.

We have also been teaching our other investigator, Sandy. She came to FHE and was able to meet some members in the ward. She is progressing pretty well.

My favorite miracle from this week was our new investigator, Ruben, from El Salvador. He is someone I contacted on the bus about a month ago. It was one of the few times I really felt the spirit telling me to talk with someone. I quickly shared with him what we do and gave him our card before he got off the bus. The next week he added us on Facebook. After some time, we were able to set up a lesson with him. He came to the church building and we taught him with one of our members. It was such an amazing lesson!! The spirit was so strong. The funny thing is that he doesn’t speak French super well. The day we taught him was exchanges so I did not have Sister Neri to help with the language barrier. The lesson went really well thanks to the member who spoke some Spanish. Ruben told us as a little boy in El Salvador that the elders from our church would come teach him and his family. He even remembered learning about The Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. He has only been in Canada for 9 months. He told us that he just feels he is missing something and really wants to be surrounded by good things and good people. We got to testify a lot and promise lots of blessings. It was by far one of my favorite lessons on my mission. We should be teaching him again next Saturday. He is also planning on coming to church on Sunday.

Well, I am sorry for all the random events. I wish I had more time to write the funny experiences from this last week because there are plenty of those as well. Like, getting lost on a bus for one hour in Montreal, walking into a random strangers apartment, or getting mistaken for hitting on people in the metros. Oh man, metro experiences are hilarious. Sometimes we meet the most random people. It is so fun to meet people from everywhere around the world. In one day, this last week, I contacted people from Russia, China, Quebec, France, and Japan. Ha! I just love Montreal.

I want you to know how much I love this work. I feel so blessed to be out serving the Lord everyday. I see the work hastening right before my eyes. I see us working so well with the members, with people accepting the teachings of the gospel and changing, of miracles spreading in our mission, and around the world. I see myself changing as I feel true love for those around me. I feel like sharing the gospel with everyone. I feel my love for the Savior and my Heavenly Father growing daily. I see my faith growing in every aspect of the work. I am trying my hardest to be exactly obedient. I love the my mission.

I hope you all have a great week! Thank you so much for all your support, love and prayers.


Sister Madeline Hunt


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