September in Montreal!

With Carlos and Josue waiting for the metro after church.

With Carlos and Josue waiting for the metro after church.

With Sara, one of our favorite members.

With Sara, one of our favorite members.

After exchanges with Sister and Fox and Sister Johnston.

After exchanges with Sister and Fox and Sister Johnston.

At the parc.

At the parc.


Well, this last week was so great and it went by super fast! I can’t believe how it was full of great experiences. This last week we went on two exchanges with the sisters. I was able to spend the day with Sister Kinghorn in her area. It was a great day. We got to paint a women’s house in their ward together and have some awesome lessons together. I have been so lucky to start my mission with her and to stay so close to her my whole mission. I love working with her! We also went on exchanges with the other sisters on the island that I dearly love. I just love working with all the sisters in our zone. Organizing exchanges can be a little hard and stressful two times every week, but I feel so blessed. I learn so much working with all the different missionaries. I feel so lucky to have so many amazing sisters to work with. Their examples and testimonies mean so much to me.

We also had a miracle Sunday! There were so many miracles. First, was a girl who Sister Jeter and I did service for at the end of last transfer. She is friends with someone in the ward and they invited her to church this last week and she came! I was so happy to see her there!! Now we are going to invite her to take the missionary lessons. Second, Youcef came to church and had a great experience. He is progressing so well! we started teaching him the commandments and he just accepts them all. It is so amazing how his faith is really growing strong. Third, one of our less actives, Javier, came to church. He has not been to church services forever! He seemed to really enjoy it. The members were excited to see him there. Fourth, another non-member came to church with her friend. They both just moved here from France. Fifth, the Relief Society received 3 new members from other wards. It is so amazing to see the ward growing. To end the day, we had a potluck with the ward and the stake came and did a fireside that night. The fireside was kind of intense… it was all about eternal marriage. This is just what you love talking about as a missionary…haha!

Yesterday, we had an amazing zone conference. It was so spiritual. President Patrick gave some really good training. He taught us on keeping the Sabbath day holy from the First Presidency and then he shared teachings from the Bible that Christ gave and applied them for us. It was just so good. I am really grateful for President and Sister Patrick. They do so much for all of their missionaries. They are such amazing examples for me. I feel lucky to work so close to them. They have had a huge impact on my mission. Sister Neri and I also gave a training in zone conference that I think went pretty well.

This past transfer my testimony on the Sabbath day has really grown. I have learned how to make it more spiritual for me and for those I teach. I have really seen how important the Sabbath day is and what keeping it holy can do for us. I have seen what I can do different now and after my mission. I am trying to make the most as I partake the sacrament, renew all the covenants I have made with my Heavenly Father, I promise to remember the Savior always, to keep His commandments, and to take His name upon me. I really see that strength we receive from this weekly ordinance. We receive so many blessings as we attend sacrament meeting weekly. We just can’t miss out on this sacred ordinance. We need to prepare ourselves spiritually each Sunday.

I love my Savior and I am so thankful for His atoning sacrifice and for the strength and help he gives me. I know He loves us and I am so thankful for the change I can experience daily as I learn to use His atonement in my life daily. He is always there for us. I am so thankful that I get to share this with the people here in Montreal and to testify that Christ lives and is our Savior and Redeemer. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Avec amour,

Soeur Hunt


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