Bonne Action de Grace!!

My favorite tree on our street...this picture does not do it justice!

My favorite tree on our street…this picture does not do it justice!

District picture! :0

District picture! :0

Doing phone calls!!

Doing phone calls!!

This is a dinner that I made for Sister Neri. A smoothie, sweet potato, spinach and eggs, oh, I cannot forget the hot sauce...haha!

This is a dinner that I made for Sister Neri. A smoothie, sweet potato, spinach and eggs, oh, I cannot forget the hot sauce…haha!


I hope you are all having a great week and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you!! This has just been another week full of so many miracles.

It began the week before by finding so many new people to teach. The biggest miracle was last Monday night right after I got done writing you all. Sister Neri and I ended our P-day a little early to prepare for our two lessons with our investigator, Ego,(yes, that is how you spell it, but it is pronounced..Hugo) and Sandy. We were feeling pretty excited for the lessons because we were planning on setting baptismal dates with both of them! We knelt down in prayer before we left and asked to have the power of the spirit to be with us that night for our two lessons. Both of the lessons went perfect! We were able to set baptismal dates for both of them. The spirit was so strong in the lessons. We shared the restoration with them. When we shared the part with the first vision is when I felt the spirit the most. I love the special spirit that comes into the room when you teach about the first vision. I feel so excited for Ego and Sandy.

Sister Neri and I have been praying and fasting so much for all of our investigators to be able to continue to progress. I feel something special with Ego. He brings an awesome spirit into all of our lessons. The only thing now is trying to figure out how he can make it to church with his work schedule!

The other miracle we had was with an investigator the elders from another ward found for us. They taught him and set a baptismal date too! He is YSA age so he came to the YSA branch this last Sunday!! I invited him to church on Saturday night right after the elders passed his information to me. The first thing he texted back was, “What do I need to do if I want to be baptized?” His name is Olivier and he has been taught in the past from elders and he seems more ready than ever! He enjoyed coming to church with the young single adults. We will start teaching him this next week.

For Thanksgiving, yesterday, we went on exchanges with some of our sisters. The sister that I was with got sick so we spent most of the day inside. I decided to deep clean the apartment because I feel weird just relaxing and doing nothing…ha! She slept and read the scriptures for the day. That night we went out to get some food and then went to FHE. Before FHE began, we taught Ego again. We had another awesome lesson with him, full of the spirit!! He stayed for FHE and had a good time with the members.

I think one of the biggest miracles that I have seen lately is seeing the members get more excited to help us by working with their friends. One of our members, Sarah, ran up to us at church and told us that she invited her friend from work to come to church next Sunday. He told her, “Yes, I will come!” Another girl is inviting her friend to come to institute and wants us to meet him. I love member missionary work!!

It has just been an awesome week! Sister Neri and I have seen a lot of success lately. I feel so blessed to be here in the YSA in Montreal. It has been such a blessing to work with the young adults. Their examples mean so much to me. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Although, there are times that I miss families and kids, it’s fun being with people you feel you can really relate to!

Here is one last experience from this week. We were able to have our first training for the temple hosting during the open house of the Montreal temple this next month. It was so great. I can’t even explain how strong the spirit was in that training. It was a room full of just sister missionaries(that does not happen very often) getting trained by Sister and President Patrick. We started the meeting by singing, “I Love to See the Temple” and ended it with “Families can be Together Forever.” Half of the room was crying like babies by the end of the meeting. We received a little script that we need to memorize in French and English so we can introduce the video at the beginning. The sisters are in charge of welcoming, the video room presentation, and then being at the end of the tour in the reception tent to answer questions and help people fill out comment cards. This is such a huge blessing for the sisters in our mission. I am so excited for the temple open house!!

Well, I am running out of time. I need to end, but I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Gros bisous,

Soeur Hunt


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