Mooseheads, Poutine and Snow!

Love this city!

Love this city!

Walking down the street this week and we found a moose head in the back of a truck...only in Canada!

Walking down the street this week and we found a moose head in the back of a truck…only in Canada!

P-days and Poutine!

P-days and Poutine!

First snow of the season!

First snow of the season!

Trying to catch the snow:)

Trying to catch the snow:)

Back together with Carlos, our ward mission leader, after his trip to the states! :)

Back together with Carlos, our ward mission leader, after his trip to the states! 🙂


It has been such a great week in Montreal. The cold is coming so fast, including snow. YES, it started snowing a few times this last weekend. It was crazy. It is almost time for mittens, winter boots and parkas…haha!

This last week our exchanges with the sisters kept us on the island.  We witnessed many miracles between our exchanges and our work in the YSA.  Our investigators are really progressing . Ugo, sorry not Ego, is doing so well. We were able to teach him twice this last week and then he came to institute and played soccer with all the guys in the branch on Friday night. He is right at home with all the members. Everyone already thinks he is a member. He is super outgoing and nice. Ugo seems to really be loving the Book of Mormon. Last night, we texted him. We invited him to FHE and to see how his studies were going. He texted back and asked, “Is it okay if I am reading really fast or should I take more time to study more deeply?” These are the kind of questions missionaries just love! We get so excited to teach him because we always feel the spirit so strong in Ugo’s lessons. We can just feel the love that Heavenly Father has for him! We are praying that he will make his baptismal date for the 7th of November.

Another miracle from this last week is being able to teach a non-member girl who has been coming to church for the past two months. She moved to Montreal from France along with her friend who is a member. We ate with them Saturday night and invited her to start taking the lessons. She was super happy and excited to start. She has already begun reading the Book of Mormon and is enjoying her family history work. She found out that her grandparents are actually Mormon and she didn’t even know it! Her name is Marion and her friend is Eole. They are both super french and a little challenging for me to understand sometimes. I am not used to French accents. Quebec has ruined my French…haha!  They are both super awesome and nice. I am excited to work with Marion. She seems so ready to learn and progress in the gospel. She is really comfortable with all the sisters in the Relief Society too.

I feel like I am just at home with the YSA. They feel like family. Although,  sometimes I feel that I know just a little too much about who is dating who. I  try to stay out of the romance drama!

We are all getting pretty excited for this week. We have a Seventy coming up to our mission to do a mission tour. Tonight we have a meeting with him and all the leaders in the mission.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will have a zone conference with him. His name is Elder Golden. I will let you know how it all goes in next week’s letter. We have also started handing our invitations and inviting everyone to the open house. Everyone can’t wait for the temple to open!

I think this last week I have realized how blessed I have been to be serving with the young adults. They have strengthened my testimony so much! All the members seem to help me in different ways. I feel like they all have such strong and powerful testimonies. I see a difference here than being in a Utah, YSA.  I am not putting down the YSA in Utah, but here you can see how the members need to be strong and firm in their testimonies. They are the examples for their friends/family who may not always share the same standards and beliefs as them. They are such a close, strong group and they radiate a light and energy that is just contagious…I love it!

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the pictures!

Avec Amour,

Soeur Hunt


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