Cold Days Ahead!


Keepsake from a special day.


Full days in the planner!


Christmas lights in the city…getting excited!


Bonjour a tous!!

Well, it was a great week getting back into the normal missionary routine after all the temple hustle and bustle. We had such a busy week full of lessons with all our investigators/new investigators. We have been able to teach so much lately and it has been a huge blessing. We have seen the blessings of talking to everyone and working through members. As we show the Lord our obedience and desire to serve, He consecrates our little efforts we make each day with unpredictable miracles. 🙂  You can’t give the Lord a crust without getting a loaf in return!

We were also able to start-up exchanges with our sisters this last week as well. I spent a day up in Mascouche and a day with a sister in our area too. I love working with the sisters. They are filled with such energy and joy. I always learn so much from their examples.

I think the big excitement from this last week was the cultural celebration and the temple re-dedication. It was so fun to be a part of these two events this last week!! Saturday night was the cultural celebration titled, “Je me souviens,” which means, “I remember.” ( Here is a link with a little background that explains the significance of, “Je me souviens” in Quebec. There were 400 youth from the 4 stakes in the region that participated. They performed songs and dances representing all the cultures in Montreal. The dances represented the diversity of the French, English, Latin, African, and Quebecois. It was a great night. President Erying, Elder Clayton, and Elder Gerald Causse came. It was fun to see all the efforts by the youth come together for such a great performance.

The following day, Sunday, was the temple re-dedication. There were three different sessions.  Elder Erying gave the dedicatory prayer in the session that I attended. There were also some amazing talks by the temple president, Elder Causse, who spoke in French, and then Elder Clayton. The spirit was very strong as they spoke about the blessings of temple in our life and the protection we receive by attending the house of the Lord. Something that I loved that was said during the talks was as we celebrate the re-dedication of the temple we should also re-dedicate ourselves to the covenants we have made by making temple attendance a strong desire and a part of our lives.
I feel so blessed to have experienced the temple re-dedication. It is something I will never forget!

I will leave you with an amazing miracle from this last week. Last night, Sister Neri and I had just gotten off the metro and had a little time before we needed to head home. For some reason, without really discussing it, we sat down on a bench in the metro station and started planning and doing calls for the next week. I guess we both felt that we didn’t want to go in any earlier than needed. We must have been sitting there for about 15 minutes when a man comes up and asks, “Are you the Mormon missionaries?” He continues to tell us how he has been looking for us, and that he wants to start reading the Book of Mormon and how he is seeking answers to his questions about God’s plan for us. It was amazing, he was so nice and so ready!!! We set an appointment right then and there for this Tuesday and wrote down his name and number. Kahmal, is definitely the miracle of the week for me. This taught me that if we put in that little effort such as staying out and following the spirit, the Lord will bless us.

It was such a great week. Our investigators are progressing well. We are working on setting some more baptismal dates with some of our new investigators this week. We are also continuing to help Ugo progress towards his baptismal date of December 13th. Well, I hope you have a great week. I love you all!!

Avec amour,

Soeur Hunt


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